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Content Submission Approval & Denial Policy

The rules here at the UFO News Club are pretty simple when it comes to submitting content (blog postings, photos, etc.).

1. Jim (James Hargreaves) is the Gatekeeper for the site. He will be the first, and often the only, person to actually review your material for publication on this site. If Jim feels your submission is worth the resources necessary to publish the material (i.e. will it add value to the site and is this something our members, who are seeking materials on UFOs and aliens, will find useful or at least interesting?)... he will approve the material.

2. If Jim declines publishing your material he will send an email to you telling you it has been declined and why. If he does not tell you why it was denied you may message Jim and ask him why. Please do not waste Jim's time. His time is as valuable as anyone's and he really does not have the time or desire to debate this with you. Simply email him, ONE TIME, and ask what needs to be changed to make it acceptable. He will tell you what you need to change or he will tell you it simply does not fit in with the focus of this site, period.

3. If you are told your submission simply does not fit in with the focus of this site, and you truly believe it does, you can message Tim and he'll have a look at it and tell you it either doesn't belong on the site or he'll let you know what need to change to make it acceptable. If Tim declines to publish your material... that's it. It's done. Move on to something else. Don't get so caught up over this you let it get you all stressed out. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to contribute in the future.

4. In all cases, anyone arguing with Jim or Tim about their submissions being declined for publication is at high risk of having their membership immediately terminated. Jim and Tim will both contact me with the communications of such arguments and I will deal with the offending member accordingly. The reason for this is simple. There is no point in such arguments. Jim and Tim are spending their valuable time trying to make this a better site for every one of you. Let's show some appreciation for their efforts.

Let's all keep this process simple and fun. Try not to take things so personally. Enjoy the site! =)

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