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Hello All,

There seems to be some overreaction to any material being posted on this site which happens to mention religion. It seems like every post where the author is expressing their opinions about the possibilities of aliens visiting ancient man and influencing our development, especially whenever anything Christian or the Bible is mentioned, is met with a strong amount of resistance. I do not understand this.

If you feel threatened by God, the Bible, Christianity or the idea that aliens could have influenced the development of human beings long ago... I think that is more of a personal issue that you as an individual must sort out. That is, as they say, between you and God.

Personally, I haven't seen posts preaching. I have not read posts about the road to salvation, forgiveness of sins, Jesus dying on the cross or anything like that.

Being a Christian I have no problem with such content personally but I would not accept the posting of it here simply because it does not contribute to the purpose of this site. However, any member can feel free to post their personal views including their relationship with God on their personal profile page.

Like I said, I am a Christian but I do not go around forcing my views on others. At the same time, I do not start kicking & screaming when a person wishes to express their non-Christian views to me. People tell me they do not believe in God, they think it is all a load of nonsense, and so on. I could take this as a very personal attack and a strong insult to my beliefs but I do not. I recognize these people have the right to their beliefs and I listen to what they have to say. If I do not wish to listen I can choose not to. You can do the same.

This is where we need to get to on this site. To not become so frightened by the mention of God or religion in the context of UFOs and aliens that we immediately cry out "DELETE IT!!" and so on. If you do not wish to read the posting that mentions God or religion then do not read it.

In my opinion, if a person, any member, does not like what they are reading then they should have enough sense to stop reading it. Censorship is not the key. Personal responsibility is. Again, in my opinion, the whole world is getting to the point where because we do not like something we try to completely crush it. To sweep it under the rug. We complain. We try to form support groups against it. And so on. Tremendous amounts of energy are wasted on these activities. Why not simply choose to not read the content. Doesn't that make a lot more sense?

In fact, my views are quite strong against censorship unless it is something completely "wrong" (as in NOT family friendly) such as adult images, drugs, gambling, etc. In those cases, this content must be censored. And they have absolutely nothing to do with UFOs and aliens anyway!

However, God & religion... I believe people will always consider the possibilities between these subjects and UFOs & aliens. There is a BIG difference between obviously wrong content and content that mentions God, the Bible, or contains other religious references within the context of UFOs and aliens.

Also, if a member is sending messages to you with content you do not want to read you have the ability to block this member. As you can see, a lot of this is in your control. You just need to make the decision to use the features available to you. That makes a lot more sense than reading email after email from someone and sending complaint after complaint about them. I'm not saying we do not wish to hear the complaints of our members. Of course we do. I'm just saying you have the option to block that member. Then tell us what they did. You do not need to continue receiving (and certainly do not need to continue to open and read) their messages.

I am writing this all "off the top of my head" and I imagine I will edit this as the days pass to make it clearer as well as try to shorten it.


 This was posted by Gar ...not Jim Hargreaves... & it is not the opinion I personaly support...JJH

Last updated by Gar Aug 27, 2010.

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