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Hello everyone.

The policy of this site is simple and only three-fold:

1. The subject is UFOs & Aliens. Content posted should be focused on personal accounts of aliens and / or ufos. A blog describing your experience is most welcome. Photos of unknown objects (as long as they are clear enough to be worthwhile NOT fuzzy dots) are most welcome. Posting ads and other such material will not be tolerated and both the content and the member posting the ads will be deleted. Comments thanking the person who is posting for sharing their material is the right thing to do.

2. Members must adhere to polite dialogue between each other & refrain from insults & do not drive new members away. My friends, there are enough people "out there" who think this is all the daydream of nuts. That attitude does not belong in here. Show your support for each other. This builds a stronger group. We certainly do not want to drive existing or new members who are contributing to the site away! Contributing can be sharing, commenting (respectfully, encouragingly) or simply visiting the site and reading. There is never a reason to attack someone who is posting on the subject of aliens & ufos on this site. That is what the site is for! Thank each other. Encourage each other. It can take a lot of grit for some people to share such experiences. Because they fear being ridiculed. We want people to feel comfortable sharing their experiences here!

3. This is not the only site. Finally, Jim will not be accepting anymore complaints because UNC as a whole (and Jim specifically) will never be able to cater to all of the 1,500+ members. The solution is simple... if you find UNC is not a good match for you with its focus on aliens & UFOs ... don't attempt to change it ...instead find another site that suits you. Jim will address complaints of harassment or profanity. Absolutely contact him about such instances. That kind of behavior does not belong here. Jim will not handle complaints about the way UNC is managed. Period.

I trust that everyone can understand these really are simple guidelines. Fair & Reasonable policies.

Enjoy the site and thank you for helping to make this site so good. I appreciate each and every one of you who contributes to the site to make it better. I also appreciate you all supporting each other encouraging people to share their personal experiences with aliens and UFOs.


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