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The UFO News Club is NOT a Dating Site


Recently, it has been brought to my attention that we have had a couple of incidents where two different members were actively seeking a personal relationship with other members on this site.

Folks, I realize this is only human nature. We're not robots. And some of us might be looking for a friendship, or possibly more, and thinking people who share our interest seems like a logical choice.

The issue is knowing when to stop. If you want to contact another member and ask them how they are doing and so on, that is fine. But do not send your personal email address to another member and ask them to contact you outside this site. Again, if you have been talking with a certain member for a period of time and you two want to take that relationship outside of UFO News Club that is your choice as consenting adults. But what I am saying is do not simply send out multiple messages to other members asking them to contact you personally off the site.

If things move naturally to that point... things will progress to that level without trying. But spamming members with such emails is nothing but a nuisance.

Also, keep in mind... this site is for adults only. But that doesn't mean you should sit in our private chat and talk about things of an adult (as in sexual) manner. Use some common sense. First, realize you don't even know who you are talking to. Is the 32 year old girl really 32? Is "she" really a girl? That example is made up but I think you get the point.

Let's keep things on focus around here.



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