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   UNC Members;

  The delete icon at the upper right of each individual comment is there for the member who posted that comment to use should they change their opinion or want to repost an edited version of that comment. No member has the right to delete a comment posted by another member, as this in essence takes away that members right to have that opinion posted. UNC is a "Freedom of Speech" oriented site as anything less would impede our progress. I don't even think there is room for "political correctness" if we are to be 100% honest & forthright with our opinions & beliefs (on the subject of UFOs) between each other. NO MEMBER HAS THE RIGHT TO DENY ANOTHER MEMBER THEIR OPINION!  It is something only the staff has jurisdiction over & in pursuit of Freedom of Speech WE seldom delete comments. We only ask that the members keep it civil & do not make personal comments toward each other. But it must be "open season" on the material posted & claims made or we shall never seperate the fact from fiction...thanks...Jim/UNC


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