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Cool UFO Stuff -- this is kind of like our store

On this page you will find different categories of items to buy.


All of these items have been hand-chosen by me (Gar) based on how interesting / useful I find them as a serious UFO enthusiast.


If you purchase any of these items I may receive a tiny commission. And I do mean tiny. Like 50 cents out of $10. But hey it all helps out and this "advertising cost" (that is what they call it) in no way increases your cost. It does, however, allow you to possibly contribute to the cause (i.e. helps to cover my hosting & advertising costs for running this site).


There is, of course, no obligation to buy anything. I'm glad you like the UFO News Club and just want to offer you the chance to help support the cause.

Okay, there hasn't been anything here in quite a while so I thought I'd take the time now to do a little update here.

One of my friends who is very much into the whole ufo alien abduction subject is currently working on a very cool new game. Not sure how many of our members are into computer games. I just want to recommend checking out Light In The Sky.

That's it for now. I will keep my eye open for more quality UFO related merchandise to add in the future. I won't add just any junk. I want to share only the best & most interesting items with you. -Gar

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