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Read Before You Submit a Site

Any active member of our site who has a UFO website may submit it to me (just send a message to me with the URL of the website). I'll check it out and assuming it is on topic and not offensive (i.e. has no racist content, porn, etc.) it will be added here on this page.

The reason I say active members is because we are not an Internet Marketing website set up to promote everyone's site out there. I don't want people signing up to our club just to get us to link to their website. It simply doesn't work that way. I view this as an exchange.

If you are actively participating on this site, posting interesting blogs, photos or videos, active in the forums, answering / replying to other members, etc. then I am more than happy to list your UFO website here. I think all our members will agree this will be good for everyone.

-- Gar

Check out these Cool Member Websites!

Pete : UFO and Extraterrestrial News feeds and Documentaries
Quality video Documentaries, News and Radio feeds relating to UFOs.

Charles : X Files Paranormal Investigations of Lancashire
The Real X files Exposed -- The Best Video Evidence Captured On Film.

Photographs, information on UFO sightings and more!

Jamie : Florida UFOs Talk Radio
They do shows every Tuesday and Thursday nights at 10pm EST.

Leftfield : The British X Files
Alternative activities for lively minds, UFOs, ghosts, creatures, the unexplained, ancient mysteries, discovery science and paranormal resources.

Darren : UFOS Exposed
Darren Ashmore's blog featuring his personal UFO footage and insight into these strange phenomenon.

Partner Site : UFOvillage.com
UFO research, evidence, and discussion.

Partner Site : UFO Seek
The UFO Paranormal Search Engine.

Partner Site : Best Alien Sites Directory
Listing the best alien, space, and UFO sites on the Web.

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