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January 2016 Blog Posts (2)

UFO over Bulgaria

Today January 22nd in the yahoo news section there is a photo of a jet pursuing a UFO over Bulgarian farmland. It wasnt anything spectacular but the comments about it was that the jet made no attempt to engage the ufo. Read the article for yourselves and make your own opinion. I would be interested in what the other forum members here have to say about this. Please comment, what do you think, what about the clarity or the photo, Have you heard about this from any other source? Is there any…


Added by Randall Kent on January 22, 2016 at 6:45pm — 2 Comments

NASA Announced 100 New Exoplanets Found

NASA's Kepler mission has just announced they have found another 100 exoplanets on top of the 1000 they have found since 2009.

With these findings they have found at least 12 that are perfect for life as we know it and we will most likely only find more in the future.

There is a real good chance that this is where some or all of these aliens are coming from and we will soon know more as time goes on.

It's a really exciting time to be alive. Disclosure may be coming…


Added by Joel Richardson on January 6, 2016 at 3:37pm — 2 Comments

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