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March 2017 Blog Posts (3)

Venus or nearbye entity?

Hi,TRY,https://youtu.be/QXeVx3-P07A ; ,filmed,wed.25.jan.2017,about6-22 pm.,if not censored!Robert Newton.Britain.PS.Censore so can't be VENUS?Try,https://youtu.be/F8CITcTESUg ; ,filmed mon.16.aug.2015!Most unusual entity!Both censored so try,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,scroll to url!

Added by Robert Newton on March 23, 2017 at 10:41am — No Comments

Morphing entity?

Hi,They all seem to be ''not available''?So try,https://youtu.be/vkey04vZzb4 ; ,one of several entities filmed,fri.mar.16,2017,or go on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,scroll to url!With 739 vid's.,of entities.,some multiple!Robert Newton.Britain.

Added by Robert Newton on March 23, 2017 at 9:03am — 2 Comments

Weather balloon,nearbye entity,or planet?

Hi,On tues.28.feb.2017,10-22 pm.,I filmed the first of two filmed!There were more nearbye!See on,https://youtu.be/Ibvd9gZ5B0 ; ,if not censored!Robert Newton.Britain.PS.Censored,so go on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,scroll to url!Or try,https://youtu.be/nv-RiifW7Ls ; ,for second entity,about 1,000 yds.,to W!

Added by Robert Newton on March 3, 2017 at 8:11am — 3 Comments

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