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1947-1957 Tucson, Arizona: Memories of the classroom(s) on the ships with drawing(s)

,Dear Readers, my memories on the ships were quite vivid. I loved being there. These visits occurred during the Early Years (ages birth - 10 yrs) of my 25 year visitation history in Tucson, Arizona. The other two periods were the Harvesting Years (11 - 19), when, along with other adolescents, on much larger ships, my ova, DNA and breast tissue were harvested. The final period, The Mountain Years, ages 20 -25, had me driving repeatedly to the same place in the foothills to the SW of Tucson, AZ. Once there, 3 hours would go missing. I will write about all these periods for you as much as I can. This blog post is about those amazing memories in the little classroom(s). As I have written in my book, "Bright Friends", I initially believed the little beings sitting with me at the little tables were children. As I got older, I realized they were not other children. They continued to sit with me and participate in the 'games and lessons' throughout this early period. Only once do I remember my older sister being with me. When she wasn't with me the next time, I 'asked' (through our special WiFi mental/emotional communication method) why she wasn't there. The human-type teacher communicated back that she had been too scared, so they didn't continue her visits. I, on the other hand, thrived on the visits, even though my nose would bleed badly during some flights. There was only one book we used. It was big and blue, or at least looked blue in the lighting of the ship. The pages inside the book would change from image to image by what I now know was via their advanced  computerized technology, which did not exist in my 1950s childhood on earth. I am attaching either one or two drawings depicting the little classroom and the infirmary, where I was taken when my nosebleeds occurred. I don't feel so alone  with what I call my 'Bright Friends/Dark Secret' visitation history anymore. God Bless you.

Karen Kalliopi Papagapitos 

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Comment by Karen Kalliopi Papagapitos on August 5, 2017 at 11:38pm

My ova and breast tissue were for the Gestational Greenhouses on board many of the larger ships. In their world, DNA from more than two donors could be added to embryos at the time of fertilization. I believe they needed more 'pure' human DNA, as their world had so many hybrids.   I don't know why they needed tissue from my upper right thigh. I never questioned it. I believe a lot had to do with immune factors. On the wall of the infirmary was a genetic 'map' of the earth.

Comment by J Bird on August 5, 2017 at 8:20pm

Karen,Could you give us a brief example as to why they took so much tissue from you?Were you the offspring of someone with incredible abilities?And yes,they do live in an electronic type of civilization which is making it harder for some of us to deal with when certain things should not be computerized,anyways Peace J

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