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I'm searching for a serious researcher in confidence.. I have made some contacts on craigslist in LA, CO, and Russia, and Ukraine, but nothing productive.  Extensive ongoing story since I was 4 yo.  …

I'm searching for a serious researcher in confidence.. I have made some contacts on craigslist in LA, CO, and Russia, and Ukraine, but nothing productive.  Extensive ongoing story since I was 4 yo.  

I was in the space program plus military, but do not claim a connection to my story....I don't know. Told I have been blank slated and starting to remember places I've never been, people I've never met, and things I've never done.  I have MSEE degree.  Pictures in my head.  I know things I should not know. 

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Comment by Jean Luc on September 26, 2017 at 5:32pm

Wow I've had two new posts waiting approval for two weeks. I hope the site is still operating.

Comment by Jean Luc on September 26, 2017 at 12:04am

I've had 3 wake up incidences in the last 10 to 12 days.  I wake up on my back....I never sleep on my back...and cannot open my eyes.  I fight with something turning my head both ways and I fight to turn against the pressure turning my head. Paralysed except my neck muscles as far as I know ....weird.  it lasts maybe 10 seconds before I pass out. 

I later wake up to go to the bathroom and can sleep normally.  It has only happened once a night very early in themorning while still dark....about 3 times.  No incidences in about 5 days.

Comment by Jean Luc on September 13, 2017 at 7:46pm

Hi.  Sorry I've been taking care of life stuff...such an interference.  The 'implant' has shown up only on the dental xray and not the head MRI or frontal cat scan.  The neurologist was interested enough to order those to find answers to my left eye problem.  Other tests are scheduled.  Perhaps it depends on the material it is made of, or it has disappeared...removed or was never there, or has gone stealth, or moved??!!.

The only news is that the neurologist was impressed by the full head MRI.  She said my brain was 'huge' and went all the way to the skull and does not have 'plaque' on the outside due to age....my brain should have shrunk due to my age.  She said it looked amazingly normal with no damage or imperfections or clots or strokes or problems whatsoever.  She said it looked like the brain of a 30 year old.  It has no damage, no vein issues, no scars, perfect, except I believe in extraterrestrials hahaha.

I guess I have bragging rights now, but, combined with the comments from my primary care doctor that I have the blood work of a 20 yo, not a 25 yo !, I am extremely suspicious of ET intervention, but I gladly accept this part of it. 

I might be a walking petri dish.  In fact, that is the best explanation I can think of so far considering the comments on my DNA and t'he doctor's keen interest in it, taking samples and such.  Perhaps biological engineering is going on in my blood and body and it is harvested at intervals, I dont know, just a wild idea. 

A comment that ET has great interest in my DNA because it has traces of Anunnaki DNA in it comes to mind often and could be true, who knows, beyond human technology to tell.  But maybe my DNA display on those machines is really weird and they arent telling me?

Do you know if nanobots are detectable and show up in bloodwork or xrays?? 

I am going to post a separate post about AI and the Anummaki and the Sumerians, what I know in a nutshell.  I hope they post it.

Comment by J Bird on August 27, 2017 at 2:40pm

Hi John or Jorge,,just getting back to you,i have not had much time due to work but i am interested in your story so please tell us more about your story.I can almost even up to your story so far what you have told us,,I had a human being morph into a gray in front of me,,yea it was wild that i never seen this technology before but they do carry technology within their bodies to make themselves resemble us in a lot of ways.I have seen over 500 flying spaceships or something of that matter in my life so far and its been pretty interesting.Oh about the doctors and trying to get the REAL answers,,well your probably not gonna get the answers your looking for because they dont know,,i have the same problem my friend.So get back to me John,,let me know about them implants of yours,,i think i have the same thing going on in my left eye but the chip or whatever it is is working just fine.Peace J

Comment by Jean Luc on August 9, 2017 at 7:30pm

Hi J Bird,

No I have no pain as you described.  The leg implant, if it is one, will vibrate after an event off and on for a week or so.  My skin is numb in an oval pattern centered over the vibration which seems deep like near the bone.  My eye implant, if it is one, is causing my left eye to do it's own thing randomly. I am seeing neurologist and eye neurologist, over that.   But there is no pain orshocking except the leg numb area will burn occasionally. Waiting for cat scann on left eye area.

The neurologist looked at my full head MRI and was sort of stunned. Said at my age your brain shrinks and has white deposits of some sort on the outside.  There was none of that and my brain filled up my skull to the bone.   Said it looks oddly very very normal.  Said I have the brain of a 30 something man not that of man in his 60s. nd like I said before, I was told by nurse that I have the blood work of a 20 yr old.....not 25 yo, 20 yo.  And I am cancer free with no diabetes or cardiovascular disease etc etc.   Not trying to brag, it is just pieces of my puzzle.  Blood pressure is normally 101/62 with pulse 62 to 60.  Way too healthy so I don't have your symptoms of pain..

I have had 2 punctures that I know of. I have had several intrusions and other things just afraid to put in print on web.  Pictures with cell phone upper navel and backbone 3-4" below my shoulders....there were 2 red spots on the front of my shoulders that turned to small zits nd disappeared.....maybe a harness or fixture that was used for the spine puncture??.  They either put something in or took something out.  I might be full of nanobots hahaha. That's one of my big questions but doctors keep taking blood often.  Medical has taken 3 times specifically for my DNA. That sticks in your mind...... Maybe they are just curious of my extreme health that has no explanation. One of my puzzle pieces.

Yes I get telepathic voice but I recognize it as possibly my main ET.  "Do you have any questions about the program before we move on".  "You will be taken soon".  More things...many but testing how much I can say here.  Probably said too much already.

Do you know anything about "Light People"?  Do you know of people on this sight who can draw maybe on Skype as I talk!?  Do you recognize.    "Lix" and "Lux" where the L is backwards ..... flipped horizontal ly from the way I typed it?  Very large block lettering very white with the backwards L being 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall?  Printed on a curved dark colored horizontal cylinder like the front part of the fuselage of a craft like on of out jet fighters?  That's on of the simple pix that has surfaced.

Oh well, I might as well tell more. Remember I've been living with this all my life so it's just what's normal to me, like I can see in more than 3 colors but the other 2 aren't colors as we know them.  I can often read people but it must be intrusive because they can get hostile. Like not hear words but read thoughts sort of. I just thought that was normal.  

Oneguy in Colorado said it sounds like I have Anunnaki DNA remnants in in my DNA and that facinates ET but who would know lol. But ET sure is interested in me for some reason.  Colorado guy even said if they were done with me they would have disappeared me already.  I find that exciting but beyond reality.....a fun theory.

Have you ever heard of short Gray's who are not gray?? like light tan with extremely large head and short skinny neck? And narly bumps on head with no hair of course.  With a bad attitude not like the tall light Gray's with round eyes who are protective? And throw off heat like a hot car engine????

Does anyone reading this have any ideas or answers or similar experiences.  If I open the door with what I know it will blow you away and you will not believe it! Going on since I was 4 little boy.  

Ihave only touched the surface. I can describe installations and tools and trips.  I worked on the space program so I should be fairly credible.  But a lot is lost from blank slate .....I just don't remember right now but gradually remembering more in detail.

Comment by J Bird on August 8, 2017 at 7:14pm

Hi Jorge,,I hope you find out your own truth behind these things that you found in your body.Trust me,i am not an expert at these things but i do also have some type of chips in my body as well,so it is good that you and me have a little in common i guess.Do you ever get zapped or have some type of artificial pains running through your body,,i was just wondering?I get these artificial pains daily like 10000 times a day,i was just wondering thats all.Within the realms of you explaining yourself towards my daily routine in life would mean a lot to me,,thats one of the reasons i joined this site to see if i could get answers for my own reasoning i guess.But yeah,,they usually go after the head first then the other body parts,,i think they are trying to copy how humans relate to feelings through love and fear,,i dont think they established their methods within their race or something like that.I think that T shaped object in your head is some type of antenna being the top o the T shaped object is pointed outwards instead of inwards.This whole thing about being blank slated is not your fault,,you would not know if it happened to you until later when you found out that you were programmed,,it happened to me.We live in some type of televised network or something,,its hard to explain,they keep me away from learning,,but we are deffinitly living in some type of program that i have seen when they changed the frequency in my ears,i seen it.Well anyways Jorge,,get back to me on your findings it would be much appreciative ,Peace J

Comment by Jean Luc on August 7, 2017 at 8:17pm

Hi JBird,

Thanks for comments.  It's unnerving what you wrote about the implants, but a weird relief, what you said because that is exactly what I have behind my left eye.  It started malfunctioning maybe 6 months ago with random double vision, a time line compatible with an event on 11/30/17.  I have events you might call them.  I believe I also have one in my left upper thigh, a place they seldom x-ray after I thought about it.  I want to be careful not to use certain words...read between the lines.

This eye thing showed up loud and clear on a radial dental x-ray in May.  The radial dental x-ray is taken always looking in on a radius and the radiologist gave me a full set of jpeg files.  I expected nothing but teeth but there was this  T-shaped thing above my left last  molar.  I said...whats that?  Radiologist had no idea what it was and she does many every day.  I showed to 60+ yr old eye surgeon and he had no idea, no comment at all.  I have been sent to neurologist and he had full head MRI done.  It did not show up there but neither did my teeth which are full of dense old fillings.  I also had no cancer or tumors or clots or damage of any kind.  Brain looks extremely healthy and too young for my age neurologist said.  Great news.

So I asked about the THING which he also had never seen and blank face.  So he has ordered a cat scan of the area.  So it's real enough he did that.  Simon Med also gave me a full set of MRI files....lots..scary to look at.

So the THING is behind or under my left eye above last big tooth.  Neurologist said it looks to be in my sinus cavity.  It is shaped like a T with the top of the T facing out the front of my face.  I'm guessing the shaftis about 1/2" long and top of T is slightly less long.  Top of T has a point area in center but may be tissue not sure. The bottom of the T has a fuzzy cap on it about 1/4 of shaft length.  Cap is maybe 1/32" thick based on other dimensions.... engineering degrees lol.  The shaft is maybe little less than 1/8" thick.

The THING has very sharp edges blurred slightly by tissue I guess. It is bright white in the x-ray but invisible on MRI.  Cat scan hope will detail or not show....no claims I don't know.  Thinking the top of the T is a disk because if a bar itwould have to be perfectly oriented. 

Pls tell me more how can be related to  blank slate.  I have experiences I am afraid to post here. They are real. This is too public to discuss them.  I can describe in deep detail.  Therapist says I am telling what I know to be real and not making up a story.  I can describe 3 instruments and people places things.  I wish I could draw.  What I have experienced is absolute truth of what this web site is about.  But there is no privacy here.

Comment by J Bird on August 5, 2017 at 7:46pm

Hey Jorge,,It all could be some type of spiritual awakening through the timing of your soul that you carry.Having therapists and a pastor is all good but they are trained to think within the realms of their own methods you know.Did you try checking yourself for chips like RFID chips or Ultra low sound chips or anything like that,,because when you get abducted through a short period of time,,not saying you did but,,it sounds like your mind is playing games with you which tells me you could have some kind of et chip on your body somewhere,,usually on the head behind your right or left ear in line with your eyes.You see,,they send frequencies through sound when you are able to try and figure out what they are trying to tell you.Through your own understanding what makes you think what makes the pastors run away from you,,the matter that we live in hell unnoticed or they are just blind to see it?When you teach a civil society like ours that money will make you feel like your in heaven,then we have a real problem with that as you can see in the world we live on.Anyways get back to me on your findings through your journey,its very interesting to read about you and what you went through.I have been through a lot but i cannot explain because of secrecy,,i do not want to harm anyones image of me i guess.Well anyways ,Peace J

Comment by Jean Luc on August 3, 2017 at 8:01pm

Thanks J Bird. Sorry I did not answer sooner but I did not expect anything here.  This is very delicate because it can easily make me a nut case worse than I already am lol.  I have 6 knowledgeable men including therapist and pastor who know most of my story.  

I have had many high level security clearances on spacecraft and weapons and weapons platforms so this talk about Deep State could very well be true. I have files in CIA FBI DSA PENTAGON etc. So I don't dare broadcast this because someone in a black SUV might believe me.  This site even is pushing it.

I have weird memory gaps from military and childhood and some parts of my life  I remember and understand things in a familiar way especially ancient languages and antigravity.  I was sent to a site www.supersoldiertalk.com that seems very relevant to very early experience.  Thorium 228 heavy isotope, element 115 is very familiar but I don't know why although I know what they are used for.  Sumerian and Hebrew text jumps out at me can almost read very very familiar but no comprehension.  The pictographs are meaningless to me only the script.   

Familiar things are like the children's toy where there is a board with recessed cutouts and little shaped pieces fit in a cut out shaped like the little shaped pieces only..... there seems to be a hole in my memory where the piece fits exactly...... extreme familiarity. I have 5 or 6 detailed pictures in my head that were brought out by mediative hypnosis.  I have MUFON correspondence.  What I do remember and have experienced even runs pastors away.  My DNA seems to be of interest. On and on and on.  Tree Stars and Star Trees. Book of Enoch. AI. Program.

So I am afraid I've written too much already and don't know what to do.  So looking for explanations and mental peace.  I will just claim it's all a dream if necessary.  It's beyond human comprehension and challenges reality in this little storybook life we lead.

Comment by J Bird on July 26, 2017 at 9:36pm

Are you an abductee of something your not claiming yet,,because when people are clean slated they were involved in some type of program like your mind was programmed at one time,,like they used you and never told you about it you know.What are the pictures in your head describing?What shouldnt you know?I am not an expert ,,but have been through the mill once or twice,,Peace J

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