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About making Satements VS Opinions

Reggie my friend & ALL of UNC;
I’m addressing your concerns in this Blog so all can read it & adhere to UNC policy.
UNCs front Page has very limited space ...hardly enough for the articles being discussed & is not the place to discuss UNC policy on deleting material & members & Screening criteria ...it is for UFO material & the discussions & debates on such. So moving forward ...if any member has an issue ...I’m available to discuss that in private & not take space from the Front Page. Potential members do not log on to read about UNC policy or rules ...they come to UNC for UFO information ...if Front Page space is occupied with this type of dialogue they move on.
Mikey ...you are probably wondering why your 7 submissions have yet to be approved. Tony & I have decided that when an article is being discussed to leave it up on Front so it can be seen & debated to the point where we can go no further or interest in it is gone ...rather than be pushed off by new material. As is going on now with this article ...when interest on the current topic wanes ...we have your material cued next. This affords current material the time & space to be seen & debated & when there is a lack of activity we have NEW material waiting to be approved ...so the Front Page does not stagnate.
I didn’t invite members back just to delete your membership should things go against what I believe or even UNC policy. What UNC needs is more activity & more debate. And I welcome you all back to do so. And Reg ...I may add ...you my friend are one of our better debaters usually with well thought out & pertinent questions ...this is good for UNC ...our statements & opinions SHOULD be challenged & debated! But it will always be susceptible to the Screening process & UNC policy.
I promised that I & UNC would attempt to have a more open mind toward things UFO related & that is being done. It did not mean we will pursue the material that is marginal or has no chance of being identified. Example ...an out of focus light blob in the sky! If there is nothing we can do with it ...why waste the time & space on it? Someone has to make that decision & that is Tony ...or I when Tony is busy.
In closing Reggie & UNC ...I believe 100% that Aliens exist & are visiting this planet! I am willing to accept that there may be some concrete proof ...such as an Alien ship or even a body stashed away by our government. But at this time we have no proof of that. Out of the 1,203 photos UNC has archived ...NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS PROOF OF ALIEN LIFE! Nowhere on this entire planet is there offered PROOF BEYOND A DOUBT of Alien life. That is not my opinion ...that is FACT! So until someone digs a real & tangible UFO or evidence out of Area 51 or some dang place ...I will not let UNC or its individual members make statements like ..."as it IS the ONLY picture of a Genuine alien spacecraft that I know of" ...or anything similar without PROOF. The TRUTH is what we seek ...& all things true needs PROOF. That is what sets UNC apart from the other sites is it not? Our sensible & honest approach has gotten UNC much respect. It must continue if we are to maintain that respect & attract members that posess the same qualities. ...Jim

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