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Hi,They were all over last night,but I only filmed one to a good standard!Last sun.27.aug.2017,I filmed,https://youtu.be/gJbBtqAiGjw ,but everthing I send you seems to be censored,so go on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,scroll to url!

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Comment by J Bird on September 3, 2017 at 4:30pm

Thanks for sharing the video Robert,,your work is great.J

Comment by JJH on August 31, 2017 at 6:21pm

Robert ...we actually do not "censor" material as we want all of it available to members to decide for themselves ...however; we do screen it for obvious reasons ...those being quality of the photos ...redundancy & of course the seriousness of the topic. I think we can all agree that much of the UFO material is ridiculous & much of that will be "screened" out. We want UNC to maintain a serious demeanor with quality material. Nor does UNC like to make concluded statements like "this is an Alien UFO" ...unless we have proof ...& that day just has not happened yet.

So ...The material you want to share is not censored by me or Tony at UNC ...it can not be censored because it is not available to UNC ...& it would NOT be censored unless it did not meet UNC's standards. Fact is ...I do not approve the posts ...because they offer no material to UNC members ...in fact ...all of them are links to your site. Which is not an issue as we like to share information ...if ...IF you posted the MATERIAL to UNC ...rather than using UNC as a "portal" to YOUR site. Please don't use UNC as a click platorm to your site ...share the material with UNC members & it may get approved... I'm sure many will visit your site which is fine & recommended ...we have a common goal of finding the truth & helping everyone obtain the information available....


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