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DULCE ...UNC's "Feature Article"

  Hi UNC;

  The underground base at Dulce, New Mexico is the origination of many stories ...the article below is where it all began ...& is the starting point for this "Feature Article"

  I invite all members to offer their opinion ...as a "Feature Article" ...it will be given much scrutiny so please do some research & include any research that corroborates these opinions when available. Also include links when available to articles on Dulce ...I ask that we stay focussed...this about Dulce.

  Thanks ...let's give this article a professional analyzation please ...we all have important opinions. ...JJH/UNC


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Comment by Meisha B on February 13, 2016 at 9:05am

The History channel. UFO HUNTERS with Bill Brines. What was the reason for the show being canceled ? The, Dulce, NM show. He interviewed a Navajo Indian medicine man. This medicine man spoke of air vents they know of on there protected land. After that airing of the show. Bill Brines show was canceled and the medicine man was no longer heard of. This is what I do. This is how you investigate ufos and anything that ties into it. People forget things, I don't. All I have searched out here since the age of 12. JJH & Gar. I owe you and all that were here before, the rules changed. I wouldn't know , what I know today with out you and the others,, thank you... 

Comment by Meisha B on February 10, 2016 at 10:30pm

.Dulce, NM. Is located on the National Registry of Historical places. In 1862 congress passes the Homestead act, allowing each homesteader up to 160 acres of land. As long as they maintain the land. In 1966 congress passes the Historical Registry act. The US government takes land from 1940 till 1966. The historical land is, Navajo nation, protected land. 1960, US Government takes control of all the surrounding mountain ranges, Guadalupe mountaian range, Just , South West of, Carlsbad NM, then Manzano Moutain range. Due to weather conditions the historical site was closed to the public to view.  will have more. I microfishing the historical archives in New Mexico. The location of the base isn't Dulce. It's between Saidia & Manzano Mountain range. Navajo protected land. 

Comment by kevin on June 30, 2012 at 1:34am

Well i was going to post alot of links but for some strange reason they no longer exist as a few members know i looked into this alot ages ago and shared a few links etc to try and get some kind of reasonable explantion of the deluce.


A few things always came to mind over it


1. how come a person /s say i have worked etc there and wait years to say anything this is very questionable and no i dont buy  well its official secrets act thats just XXXX because information is always leaked through outer sources this protects and also silences.


2. when looking at this you have to also look at area51 did it or not exist when it first came to light.


3. If a researcher gives a bad reference or mis guided info does this make him/her stupid or could this be a foundation of truth that has to be quickly rediculed to protect whats there?


4. deluce is like salisbury plain in the uk?????????


Just a few questions wandered what you think give me some thinking power !!!! i dont mind the ridcule or shouting at it all brings another avenue to go down

Comment by JJH on June 28, 2012 at 1:11am

   Hi Nyree;

   Thanks for the post ...it is a good one as well ...much information. As you know my structured research or investigating is methodlogical ...I take it one step at a time. Dulce is related to many stories ...from the MJ12 ...Alien hybridization experiments & including the "Dulce Wars" from Phill Schnieder. So I looked into the Dulce D.U.M.B. & came to a stand still. I've not accomplished "Step 1" ...I have yet to find any proof that the dang place even exists ...other than a tunnel enterance. Many ask ..."What else do I need"? ...Activity!!! This is a huge complex staffed by many people ...I want to see them coming & going. Who ta heck cleans the tiolettes? I want to see deliveries of office & laboratory equipment. Food & toilette paper. I only need one shred of evidence that all this goes on with the required support & deliveries that such a complex would require & I'll move my investigation to the next step. But I'm stumped.

  At least with "Area 51" ...the place is tangible ...the signs & patrol trucks are evidence enough for me that it exists. However ...Dulce cannot provide evidence of itself. So I move on to greener pastures & investigate something else. But I love the Dulce inigma & always come back to see what time has added to the mystery in way of evidense. So Tony & I "Featured" it this week ...knowing with all of UNC's collective minds & powers of research ...we may come up with something tangible. ...Jim

Comment by tony convery on June 27, 2012 at 5:06pm

Hi Nyree

I am aware of the dulce papers as with the mj12 papers but again we cannot with any conviction say they are authentic, so again it leaves us blowing in the wind, as for the dulce footage turns out its real footage, but real footage of a nippon tv funded tv set the true believers were spouting as real footage from dulce! Enigmas wrapped in riddles again.

Comment by Nyree Cardwell on June 27, 2012 at 4:23pm


This site gave a lot of info on the alledged DULCE facility, believe it or not...

Comment by tony convery on June 27, 2012 at 3:49pm

Hi all

Ah the infamous dulce base does it exist or not? My own opinion on this is it doesnt exist and only exists in the mind of the true believers! What do we have to go on? We have 3 men or supposed insiders that claim the base is there so lets concentrate on these 3 men.

1. Phil Scheider

2. Thomas castello

3. Colonel x

Lets start with phil, Now i dont think phil need any introduction you all know he is, claims that while working on this base in 1979 dozens of green berets were killed in a fire fight with aliens deep underground while contruction of this base went on and he recieved all his disabilities by a laser beam shot from the chest of an alien, no getting away from his disabilities they are clear to see . An explosives expert in his own words. Could it be that he has had an accident with explosives? Possibly. He also claimed only two men survived himself being one and the other being so messed up he never barely spoke another word again, We still dont know who this man is?

2. Thomas castello      Through years of research by other researchers this man has never ever known to have existed! So obviously nothing to go on.

3. Colonel x        Through an interview with anthony F Sanchez ( ufo highway) this colonel x stated that he worked there, you will need to get the book to see the full interview, but in it he claims there is only one way in and that is by helicopter, Incidently he wanted anonimity with this interview, even his polygraph tester wanted anonimity so we have nothing to go on at all. Just the word of Anthony F sanchez. We have no way of knowing who these men are at all so we really got to take this with a pinch of salt.

So What do we have? 1 dead man. 1 man who doesnt exist. 1 man we have no idea who he is.

Now a base of this size would need a lot of personel. security. cooks. medical staff etc the list goes on. Now in this supposed area there are no huge car parks, airport runway, train tracks that lead to any base so how do they all get to work? If helicopters is the only way in that would require a lot of helicopters coming and going you would think, and very easy to tell by yourself and not take a genius were they are going. Now other researchers have combed that area and never found anything, no squadrons of helicopters no secret exits that are supposed to exist.

Its been 33 years since this base was supposedly built, Now how many men and woman have retired in that time? How many have given death bed confessions? Thats a lot of personel over that amount of time and all we got to go on is on the above people, Not a lot in my opinion but if anyone has any information i would love to know, Thats my reasoning for it to be a figment of someones imagination. But of course i would like to know your reasoning for it to exist, I can be swayed if the evidence is there but at this moment in time in my opinion it is not there. Tony 

Comment by JJH on June 26, 2012 at 12:50pm

   Hi UNC;

   Read the following articles ...what is your opinion? ...Does Dulce even exist? Lets get a flow of dialogue ...many stories come from this base ...what do we really know about it? ...JJH/UNC

Comment by JJH on June 26, 2012 at 12:10pm

  More on the Dulce subject...


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