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ET's are most likely inter-dimensional for a number of reasons.

The chemistry and physics of our universe requires heavy elements for the genesis of life. Heavy elements are only produced by violent fusion transmutation processes during the death of super nova stars. Much time must pass from the creative "Big Bang" to when sufficient heavy elements are available for incorporation in the birth of stars capable of hosting a planetary system of rocky planets with heavy elements essential to host life. (~9 billion year).

The conditions required for life in our very hostile universe are very limited. A planetary system must have formed in a narrow habitable zone within it's galaxy where there is sufficient stars with heavy elements and far enough from sterilizing radiation from the galactic core. The system then must have rocky planets with stable orbit and axis tilt within the habitable zone of the system. Such planets must avoid destruction from space debris and remain quiescent for at lest a billion years to nurture life. The probability of a technological civilization arising serendipitously and surviving itself is very low.

This makes our planet fortuitous indeed and perhaps among the first to host intelligent life in our 13.8 billion year old universe. Predation and violence seems a critical element of developing higher brain function. Such life is not likely to survive itself long enough to create star ships. So it is highly improbable that ET has originated in our known universe and they can't be much more ancient then are we.

Here be the conundrum: We have significant evidence of ancient alien intervention and have ongoing communication with other worldly beings we call the "Ancient Ones" claiming to be three billion years our senior. I have encountered a "shadow being" who vanished in plain sight.

I was an operative in our nations Star Gate Noetic program and have experienced the presence of these Ancient Ones. Star Gate evolved from Scanate remote viewing project and has now achieved bi-location. We have only encountered inter-dimensional beings. 

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Comment by JJH on August 28, 2018 at 4:56am

Yes Gary ...I'll approve those today & get them posted ...I wanted the members to see this article before it got buried & I'd like to introduce you to UNC ...as you bring knowledge of experience & a different perspective on this subject to the table.

So ...I took this opportunity for an introduction to UNC.

Comment by Gary M. Craft on August 27, 2018 at 11:40am

JJH  I have addressed exactly those issues of which you speak in successive 2 posts that await approval. Some people of faith may have issues with anything that does not agree with their long held beliefs. We shall see if my posts are released or censored as being beyond a tiny comfort zone :-).  

Comment by Gary M. Craft on August 27, 2018 at 8:04am

Ye be very knowledgeable my friend JJH. The world looks quite different from such an illumined perspective doesn't it.   

Comment by JJH on August 27, 2018 at 5:03am

 Welcome to UNC Gary. Remote Veiwing is a subject of interest to me ...having read some of Russel Targ's work & the Moorhouse book.

Inter-dimensional travel? That makes sense. This is supported by the fact that many UFO's seem to materialize out of thin air & depart in the same fashion. Of course this opens a plethora of questions ...in THAT dimension ...do they even require a physical body? ...& hence would they need a craft to travel? As in the case of the Red or Orange Orbs that display a remarkable reaction to humans ...if this is intelegence ...then we have to address the probability that these entities ...having no physical body ...would require no physical means of travel ...but instead may travel in the "Ether World" ...much the same as Ingo Swan, Russel Targ & others who were involved in Remote Viewing. This is something that many in UFO interest groups ignor ...many are STILL considering the time, equipment & propulsion systems involved in far inter-galatic travel. I think they have discovered what YOU & those involved in Remote Viewing have discovered. ....

INTER-CONNECTIVITY. We are all connected ...as is EVERYTHING connected in the NON-physical realm of the Quantum world. When we become non-physical ...the limitations of the physical world do not apply. This is certainly not anything new to you Gary ...as you were involved. Other members who are little versed in Quantum Physics may want to read this book called ...

"the Ghost In the Atom". ...JJH/UNC

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