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It's obviouse any leadership for UNC is asleep at the wheel...



   I deplore cencorship ...but EVERY MEMBER that backs what UNC stands for ...exercise your right to delete comments posted to your comments or posted material. When ever our wonderful new popular member Robert Boykin responds ...simply delete his comment as is your right! This is done done by clicking the asterix at the top right corner of every comment or reply. When he posts anything ...ignore it ...no replies! When he is interupting our process in chat simply DO NOT respond! Robert Boykin will lose his podium & move on.

  Or we can all go join a UFO site & leave Gar & Boykin to what UNC will become then! PERIOD! ...Jim

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Comment by kevin on April 23, 2011 at 12:35pm

mmmmmm sorry guys and gals for being away for so long but i needed to spend time with my family as last year i spent oo much time researching and doing skywatches as a few members will know.


As to this topic it really pains me to read i have said before and always will never get into relgious clap trap regardless of who it is.


1. the easy way is to not post at all and just delete if they dont liekit tuff basically!!

2. i respect alot of mebers on here mesha jim gar time dma tim mickey and loads of others" do they agree with me all the time NO THEY DONT" but it doesnt mean to say we dont respect each others comments .

@JIM LETS STAY FOCUSED i DO RESPECT YOUR COMMENT NO MATTER IF IT IS A DISAGREEMENT WITH WHAT IS POSTED BUT REMEBER THE MORE WE POST ABOUT IT THE MORE THE OTHER PERSON INVOLVED WILL REPLY. its not a matter of who and what its a matter of what we are all searching for and that is " THE TRUTH " we all no crap will come out but thios leads to different avenues of thought. Lets just get back to the reasearch and keep the sane and more determind members focused and as being a admin JIM we look to you as a thought of focus and no way of standing  THAT IS WHAT makes you "so unique lol"




JIm and the rest lets just not reply to people powered by there beleifs of what ever lets just get back to some SERIOUS UFO HUNTING AND THE TRUTH





Comment by JJH on April 23, 2011 at 11:18am


   Well ...at least we're back to agreeing ...good point Mesha ...I guess we can all learn from a young mind!

   I apologize for my lack of diplomacy & tact ...but I'm afraid it needed to be said & I won't detract my point of view!

   I'd prefer we got back into UFOs however ...the problem with being part of the better UFO club is there is no other satisfactory place to go! ...lol! ...Jim

Comment by Gar on April 23, 2011 at 10:48am


Well said IWI.


That is my view on it. We don't need the religious promotion. Occasionally it comes about in the context of the person writing it. Someone might say "even the Bible talks about the fiery wheel in the sky" or so on. But beyond that, and certainly posts going on and on only about religion makes no sense on this site.


If someone truly believes they are in contact with some alien intelligence then talk about the actual incidents so people have some clue as to why you believe this is really happening. Give some details of dates, time, location. How was the contact initiated? Is it always voices in someone's mind? Or do the messages come in the form of images? Are there tactile sensations and other senses involved?


So far in all of the writing I have not seen any information providing answers even to these most basic of questions.

Comment by Gar on April 23, 2011 at 10:40am


Hey Jim.


I wasn't saying you wrote the stuff looking for attention. I was saying there are people who get a kick out of reading this kind of stuff. Some people just love the drama. Personally, I have little use for it.


Comment by Innocents With In on April 23, 2011 at 10:24am
"WOW" terry your right...Let's just stick to whats at hand UFO's...We have a choice to play into it or not...If you do...thats on you..and you have to finnish it..The Ball has stopped for the moment..Lets not release the brakes. Boykin..You have a right to voice your opinion.. it's who's going to play into it...But, Calling people names isn't the answer..your just trolling for trouble...and maybe get a kick out of it..There are sites out their that would condone to what your preaching...Soon you'll loose your battle here...Your putting up a good fight...But members know what is going on now..and you said it best to JJH.."Now I know what buttons I can push". 'Really' ?..."OMG", these games you play passing off your religion, I can see someone my age doing that...but from an adult..come - on..... You can discuss it or incorporate it into your posts / that has been done before here...but to ram GOD down our lips..isn't right. I know that aliens are in the bible..I know God is a alien being.. So what..Tell us something that we don't know..If you have contact with alien beings..I'm willing to hear it..I'd want to know whats in store for the future of man kind...we all have our own beliefs. Some don't believe in GOD..and you have NO right judging them... Be a better member..Have fun...just not name calling or pushing GOD... I pray 3 times aday..Morning- Noon & Night-& before bed...I know who my father is..I don't need to hear it everyday from you...So please lighten up alittle....Mesha
Comment by JJH on April 23, 2011 at 8:04am


   Hi Gar;
First to Megan;
I don't think anyone here needs to apologize for being honest with their concerns for UNC. If we were not passionate about this subject & dedicated to this site we would NOT give a dang & no one would get excited ...right? It is members like YOU Megan ...who contribute daily & will take the time to address issues that make UNC work or NOT work ...& you have a right to your opinion. ...Period!
Gar ...I do apologize for saying you deleted a member ...that member couldn't be reached by my email after a heated exchange with R. Boykin & I thought you deleted her, for that I was wrong & apologize. But that is where the apology ends. I bring this in the open because you simply ignore my emails ...period. Do NOT paint this a different color than it is! Looking for attention you say! I’m looking for GODAMN UFOs …not GOD! I don’t feel so focking down on myself that I NEED saving …how’s that! AND …I have the right to refuse having GOD shoved down my focking throat! Especially on a UFO research site! Am I pissed? Your GODAMN right I am. SHOVE YOUR GOD UP YOUR STUPID FOCKING ASSES …YOU STARTED A UFO SITE GAR & THAT IS WHY WE ARE DEDICATED …I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT GOD & NONE OF US ARE HERE TO HAVE IT RAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS. Did YOU HEAR THAT LOUD IN CLEAR? IS THE MESSAGE GETTING THROUGH?
I'll correct you here also. There has been TWO incidents of "voices in heads from Aliens" ...neither member was attacked or called insane ...they were simply asked if they have seen a professional as they are displaying signs of a mental disorder. Being logical, I will lean toward the possibility of a mental condition before I'd consider this Alien communication. ...that was with Azar & basically the same was said to Robert Boykin in a similarly diplomatic fashion. The next step is that they each, coincidently started preaching religion to me or at least referring to it & that is when they were asked to keep to the UFO subject. And those are the only two members that YOU & I have incidents about Gar! The common denominator was religion.
There IS ...I agree, a conflict in terms & rights on sites like this where we have a dedicated topic ...UFOs ...& also insist on freedom of speech & the third factor of rights ..."human rights"! The contradiction is ...Robert has the right to freedom of speech which I support ...we, every member, also harbors the right to NOT have religious or ANY personal beliefs spammed to us or blatantly rammed down our throats! It IS after all a UFO site is it not. It seems complicated but is SOOOO simple...
It is SO simple Gar & I am profoundly confused that you totally miss it. Just run UNC as you would a business. Address issues employees have ...don't ignore their emails. Address & appreciate your dedicated customers. Would it make sense to let one new employee upset an already well working force? No! They would be told that if you can't fit into our working curriculum without upsetting the employees ...you’re fired! How simple is that Gar? And how real is that? You got a membership of good people who have been dedicated to UNC for two years & everything was running smooth. Robert Boykin logs on & a lot changed! Is it so difficult to just say …”you got to go because you’re upsetting my membership.”. Management should suit the whole ...not the individual!
THE actual bottom line is we have the right to refuse to have this rammed down our throats. You missed the “Bow down to me ….” Part because I was so pissed I deleted everything he wrote.
If you think I’m throwing it your face publicly Gar, your right! Show some dedication to those that work for you & the members that make UNC work …its common decency & respect.
To you Robert Boykin …when I was a cop …a white one …since color & race is so important to you …if you’d had told me to bow down & worship you …then called me “SON” …you would have been drug into an alley & pistol whipped! Your arrogant to a disgusting degree. I’m much more peaceful now, & the solution to your problem is easy. I personally do NOT acknowledge you as a member od UNC! Gar can keep you as a member …that is fine …but we, the membership, are who you have to deal with & I fully expect that this common standard answer will be issued to each & every comment or posting from you “ I don’t acknowledge you as member” Simple …you’ll be a member in name only & UNC will prevail in spite of poor management!
Gar …if you want to put someone else in charge of screening material I certainly have no problems with that either. Perhaps they’ll have their emails answered & problems from the membership addressed! …Jim

Comment by O on April 22, 2011 at 11:02pm
Terry,,i think thats the first time i ever seen you type something,lol,,,Birdman
Comment by DMA on April 22, 2011 at 8:43pm

Hey Terry

JJH is right you are the silent one..but one of our greatest contributors to UNC...

I look foward to hearing more from you



Comment by DMA on April 22, 2011 at 8:34pm

Hi Members.

We all face our challenges like Mr Boykin...we should stay focussed and blank RB as he pops up.


Falling out with each other plays into RBs plan of disruption.


We will not allow a divide and conquer situation




Comment by Gar on April 22, 2011 at 7:29pm


I agree we don't need preaching on the site. I am a Christian but I see no reason for it on this site. If I want to read about that online I will visit religious sites.


What I am saying is that I just am reading my messages... haven't seen any in the past day or so. Just been swamped with stuff.


So, now I am going through all of this information as fast as I can. The emails from people and these discussions here on the site.


It's not that you or anyone else is being intentionally ignored. I simply don't sit on the computer constantly. I checked my email early this morning and there was nothing there.


Seems like all of this has blown up just today.



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