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it's every where in the universe. white light contains all the colors of the spectrum. light can be bent by magnetism or gravity. it can not escape a black hole. light can be amplified and focused (lasers). light causes photosynthesis in plants. light can cause cancers, and be deadly. light keeps us warm. light helps create vitamin "d" in our bodies. when you see an object, you see the reflected colors of that object (all of the other colors are absorbed by that object). light is the speed limit of the universe. light travels at 186k miles per second in a near vacuum. light in a laboratory can be slowed down to less than one inch per second. light can be reflected. light is an electromagnetic wave. it's every where in the universe.

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Comment by JJH on February 26, 2010 at 3:55pm
Good point Richard...concerning our observations being in only three dimensions...never gave it much thought that we may only be seeing the tip of the ice-berg so to speak.
UNC is a pretty good group & have some good minds brought to the subject...will we figure it out...I doubt it...I agree that we're not dummies...I just think our "LOGICAL MINDS" limit our theories & we're likely off the mark...doesn't stop me from putting my TWO CENTS in however...Jim
Comment by richard casey callahan on February 26, 2010 at 3:06pm
hi jim, yeah i'm still in tune with the idea that time travel can be the case. it is very long distances between stars, and very logical that the little humans might come from a future time. the distance to the nearest star is four light years away, and yeah, it is a long distance to travel by conventional means. as we take a look at the shapes and sizes of the ufos that are observed, we realize they are many and varied. remember we observe the craft in the three dimensions, and what we perceive as normal time. this may not be the case for all beings and abnormal time. i also believe that as a group of observers, and thinkers on the subject of ufos, that we might come up with the process of moving about the cosmos. i also believe that many people do not believe in ufos, and have been informed that there is no such thing. trying to convince them will just be a waste of time. for those of us who have been convinced by the overwhelming evidence, it is just a quest for the knowledge of how things work. i hope people keep their eyes open, and report on true visions, so as not to put any false propositions forth. hell, i don't know how these craft work, but hope i can get some comprehensive detail on what they are capable of doing, so we can figure it out. we really aren't dummies, and i am sure we will be able to figure it out. lets give it our best effort and see what we come up with. best always, richard
Comment by JJH on February 26, 2010 at 1:35pm
Hi Richard;
The distance to the nearest star & planet systems that may support life is astronomical & pretty much unfathomable to us...or I'll speak for myself...intangible to me. If space travel as we know it...i.e. pushing a craft through space at some speed, even the speed of light & much beyond if possible, would take unimaginable time to reach earth. Quite possibly many Alien generations would come & go on the host planet even if they are very long lived. Some type of suspended animation would likely have to occur for the occupants of such a craft.
I think a harvest of the energy available in space or some type of reaction to that energy would be have to be the fuel for reasons of payload limitations considering the size of the craft that we’ve witnessed visiting earth. I also must consider the resources needed to sustain these occupants, like food for example & come to the conclusion that this is likely not feasible, again considering the size of the craft we’ve witnessed. The only alternative I see to this would be a traveling space station large enough to sustain several occupants & what we see are shuttle craft or probes.
A totally silent propulsion system is hard to imagine, but as you suggested...a reaction to light energy may be used & I can imagine such a system may be silent...this does not give consideration yet to how they push a large & very un-aerodynamic object through our airspace at extreme speeds without displacing the air & thus making a sound or sonic boom.
What does address these questions is a form of time travel or as you suggest, moving from one dimension to another. I don’t mean to sound silly...but there could be a dimension where distance does not exist & hence nor does travel...ok...enough of that...lol. We’ve discussed dematerializing as a form of aiding speedy space travel but even light particles must adhere to this law of physics...so I doubt we can consider that process either.
In essence Richard..I agree with you...I think they are traveling from another dimension or time & this may not take any propulsion at all !!! Thus silence of movement & no engine noise. It also explains many other questions...like missing time & such...
Thanks for the input Richard...what is your take on “Aliens” looking so much like humans? Ever think they’ve come back in time to check out their ancestors?
...Enjoy your weekend...Jim
Comment by richard casey callahan on February 26, 2010 at 9:43am
yeah kevin that is right. in daylight you only see the reflected light, but at night you see the radiated light being produced by the object. i came to the conclusion, that light may very well be a source of propulsion (or maybe a by product of propulsion). i have viewed several time lapse photos of ufos that show the object emitting different colored light patterns at night. i have also viewed on tv the slowing of laser light to about one inch per second. since it is possible to slow the light to a very slow speed, i am wondering if it is possible to also store it in a medium, for later use, as part of the propulsion system. there are a few theoretical physicists that are wondering why gravity is not as strong as it should be. one of the explanations is that there is more than three dimensions, and possibly as many as eleven. it's kind of hard to get my brain to comprehend this, but it just might help explain how the ufos are able to pop in and out of the dimensions we perceive. a couple of examples of this might be 1) plants. they are alive and reproduce, but in most cases are unaware of all of the animals around them (exceptions might be the pitcher plant and the venus fly-trap, that attract and digest insects). 2) another example is animals that live in water. they have little or no knowledge of the animals and plants in the gas portions of the planet. anyway kev, the reason i throw out some ideas, is in the hope that this may attract the attention of some people that are much more knowledgeable than myself. i still would like to know how the ufos get around, and i am sure our military is also very interested as well. best always, richard
Comment by Kevin Byrne on February 26, 2010 at 3:51am
Really speaking the colour of the object is what is absorbed what we see is what its not, does that make any sense. Kev.

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