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Having read today about Russia's attempt to colonize the moon i thought i would post this gem by Jose Escamallia who coincidentally has another documentary about RODS that some folks on here may like,,,

Documentary Moon Rising...

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Comment by david flint on May 24, 2014 at 2:39am
yes it is a good vid , i watched it a couple of years back on a bad copy cd .this one is much clearer ..nice one darren for the upload
Comment by JJH on May 23, 2014 at 4:48pm


Comment by JJH on May 23, 2014 at 4:46pm

Hi Darren;
I missed this …been busy. This is a very well presented documentary …I suggest UNC members spend the hour & fifteen minutes required. It is well done with no sensationalism. Even the music was tolerable …lol. However; I have few issues with their theory. I think coloring the moon’s surface based on the visual element of earth is a gross error. We have an atmosphere that dictates the color of the things we see. It is why the sky is blue. BUT …it does a great job of rendering detail …I just do not accept that the colors would be the same as that of the moon. Why moon shots are in black & white certainly is peculiar! My next concern is the fact that he “airbrushed” the color in. Did he change anything …such as shadow effects & such? This could have been done far easier digitally …why not that process? All that changes little. Many photos were untouched.
In reference to what he says are glass domes containing an atmosphere …they certainly are the same blue color as our sky …which is a product of the atmosphere scattering the blue spectrum of the suns light …but I’m not sure if a dome would contain enough atmosphere to have this effect. If we look at the daylight sky from a deep tunnel …it is black as pitch because the scattering cannot affect our vision. This raises the question of …”How much atmosphere does it take to have this scattering effect & hence see it as blue?” But dang if they are not just that …”sky blue”! Of course …it is in my investigative nature to consider the authenticity & accuracy of these photos …even ask …did he simply apply these colors himself?
Next …the weight & mass of the moon is known … proven by the effect it has on earth which applies to the physical laws of nature …calculations with the size of the moon & it’s mass dictates it is not hollow. It would take more than audible reverberations to prove this …he went out on a thin limb with that statement in my opinion.
But …the entire rest of the documentary is fascinating …& it brings up a theory in my mind. But I’ll get to that later …
I would like to recommend that this be looked at by the members & have a go at what y’all think.
I’ll offer my opinion/theory at that time.
Thanks for this Darren …great documentary! …Jim/UNC

Comment by Darren on May 12, 2014 at 1:26pm

Sorry folks thought i had included the link  https://archive.org/details/SciencemoonRising-FullDocumentary_737

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