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NASA Announced 100 New Exoplanets Found

NASA's Kepler mission has just announced they have found another 100 exoplanets on top of the 1000 they have found since 2009.

With these findings they have found at least 12 that are perfect for life as we know it and we will most likely only find more in the future.

There is a real good chance that this is where some or all of these aliens are coming from and we will soon know more as time goes on.

It's a really exciting time to be alive. Disclosure may be coming soon!


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Comment by Meisha B on February 2, 2016 at 9:28am

This is interesting, But NO ufo's. This is about finding ufos.

Comment by Randall Kent on January 22, 2016 at 7:07pm

I agree with you!! Thank you for the post, I watch this site and love to read what other people write. I am considered a "Professional" person and I'm really reluctant to discuss things like this among my peers. I am also alone at night a lot traveling around the mid west and staying in motel rooms,so I sit outside and look in the sky. Hoping that one day I will see something that I can think about and analyze and, reaffirm my suspicions that I am right that maybe there is something out there. I think, that if there is, that maybe it doesnt want to be associated with a world that has warring factions on the planet that kills each other over "Beliefs" if they landed in the wrong place people would hate them for not believing in Mohammad, or think them crazy for being secular. Or ask them if they want to dance around with a poisonous snake. Or tell them if they strap a bomb to their ass and go kill "infidels" that one day after they blow themselves  into little pieces that they will get 40 virgins (what they are to do with them and their penis is in a trashcan somewhere is beyond me)   Or someone tells them that if they dont love Jesus they are going to go to a lake of fire when they stop breathing...Well the only "Jesus" I ever knew II was in basic training with him and the last I saw of him he was a military policeman in Mannheim Germany and NO I dont love him, I didn't even like him. This is religious satire but it is also the casual observations of a common man, that's been bullshitted by my government, my teachers,my religious leaders,and people I looked up to for guidance (spelled hypocrite In LARGE LETTERS) so the possibility of intelligent "Others" seems perfectly plausible to me. I welcome other members of this forum to comment on this.

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