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Need Help! Is this a big weather balloon, IFO or UFO????

Hi new UFO Enthusiasts!

Any feedback on this and other posts would be most appreciated, as there are few in real-time, with whom I can discuss this stuff...

(do you find that to be true for yourselves...or are you connected in real-time with like-minded friends???)

Since using the wide angle and telephoto lenses, much more amazing shots are appearing.

The photo below is one of many...these objects are showing up increasingly in the photos ...

the human eye would see them as a single large star, or as large moving airplanes...but I think there is much more to it...

Now, could this be some kind of gigantic weather balloon or something? If so why so many, so often in one area???

The top object and the bottom object seem to be present in most of the hoverers and "airplanes" here, and appear to be attached to the illuminated parts of a pentagonal perimeter.

Have seen two up close and personal as solid objects!!!

They tend to like using their invisibility techniques...are they being shy, playful, or clandestine???

Sorry there's no reference point on this photo...but let me tell you, these seem to span quite a distance!...

Many wider angle photos that show size w reference points, will hopefully be posted here, in the near future!

These barely visible objects fly very low over the roof tops and often "park" themselves for the night...

The particular manifestation above, hovered for hours, right over my neighbor's rooftop the other night...

If you would like to see edited graphics of this object and more photos of similar ...will post, if requested!

Blessings from CamilleintheClouds aka cc

PS: I am new to this site, so please let me know if the photos are too small, etc...

I think my first blog did not go through!

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Comment by Camille on March 2, 2010 at 2:02am
Richard, thanks very much on the info on how to blow up photos! I will give it a shot...

Have looked at many weather balloon pics, but they don't look anything like what I see in the skies around here...however, a lot of the weather balloon photos do not seem to show many of them flying at night...

I wonder, can there be many weather balloons flying around in one small area? What would the reason be for that???

There is tremendous chemtrail activities around here...some of these chem planes look like military test and surveillance vehicles...some of the crafts do have some round flat blue objects tethered outwards on the side of the airplane...Ever seen anything like that before??

Comment by Camille on March 1, 2010 at 10:32pm
Paul, thank you so much for the encouragement!!! Yes, there are noticeable patterns in the clouds and in the "starship" configurations...it is constant! Last night I watched a "star" fly verticle in a very peculiar way...photos could not show the movement...Am saving to get me a video camera...Tonight there were these beautiful cloudlike vehicles that showed up so well in the moonlight! There is always lots of interesting "action" during full moon time.

Slowly, I am hoping to get a visual diary going to share with everyone! Little by little...

I see that you have some interesting drawings and other visuals that I will be looking at more closely...

Keep on looking up!
Comment by william a wilson on February 28, 2010 at 2:50pm
You can't possibly tell what this si. The very reason I no longer take night photos
Comment by richard casey callahan on February 23, 2010 at 11:28am
hi camille, just punch in weather balloons on your search engine. you can look at them or buy them. if you want to look at photos posted here, and enlarge them, james j. hargreaves told me how to do it. click on the picture, hold down ctrl, shift, + this will enlarge. after viewing, you will need to change the picture back to the original size. you do that by holding down ctrl, - hope this helps
Comment by Camille on February 22, 2010 at 7:44pm
Thanks for the feedback, Roland! Do you know where I can find something like this on the web? I have researched and have no info on what weather balloons look like or how they operate...and I wonder why they are so abundant in one small area!

Also, have seen these up close and they do look quite solid at times...so can you explain why you know this is a weather balloon?

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