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To Michael Menkin & UNC;
Micheal, I apologize for errantly suggesting you seek money for your foil helmet. However; I will not apologize for any other statement. I take “Abductions” very serious & think it is the only contact being made. I also think this “Foil Hat” of yours paints a very poor image of such a serious subject & taints it with ridicule & is best left off of UNCs pages …but here it is. So I must address this issue…
This contraption can NOT work & any person with comon sense can see this …period. If this statement makes me “nasty” then I’ve much company …would you venture to guess that 99% of the population see this idea as silly?
Again, you’ve covered 2/3s of your head in anti-static foil/plastic wrap & forgot about telepathic thoughts entering through the face. You say “you can prove this works”. I have my doubts of that as we can’t prove abductions or telepathic communication even exists yet, so how will one prove you’ve prevented it? I would entertain reading & posting your “TEST” procedure & results. Put it in simple “white paper” form for all to read. As far as the story of individuals being beaten up by hybrids for not wearing their foil helmets. I find this simply ridiculous, but on the other hand …perhaps these sorry souls are lucky, they lazered poor old Phil Schnieders three fingers clean off! Right?
My opinion stands as stated …this is pure bullshit & I’m certain VERY FEW people accept it as a serious form of anything, let alone prevention. I do not speak for UNC, this is my personal opinion & if it makes me “nasty” then so be it. I & many UNC members agressively seek some answers to the UFO mystery & are not very tolerant of the plethora of silliness that this subject attracts & we aim to remain serious toward our research. There may be some members that patronize your point of view & may even aquire a foil hat from you …so do not generalize & judge UNC as this is just my opinion. …but I doubt you’ll find much support for this idea within the membership here is my prediction & a request that you no longer spam members with your helmet idea has been issued by a member & hence this comment. …Jim
PS: aliensandchildren.org …did not work for me, no site was found at this address.
Below is a unedited copy of Michaels comment to my page:

You need to take a course in reading comprehensiton.
This is what the page about this website says:
About this website
Stopabductions.com is not a commercial web site nor is it an information site about UFOs or alien abductions. There is nothing for sale on this web site. Michael Menkin has no financial connection with any of the recommended sources. Stopabductions.com is a public service site which instructs people how to make a tested device to stop alien abductions.
The site is a do it yourself site that tells abductees how to make a device that works. See the case histories section.
I make thought screen helmets for abductees and send them all over the world for free.
See my other site, aliensandchildren.org. It is the most frightenting website in the world.
You sure are a bunch of nasty people.
Michael Menkin

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Comment by Innocents With In on April 10, 2011 at 6:45am
green foil helmet
Comment by JJH on April 9, 2011 at 10:41am


   Hi Denis my mate;
Welcome back! How was your vacation?
This example of silliness got by my screening process by being put in "Open Forum" or as a "Discussion" & of course I had to poke fun at it & suggested UNC really does not need to address the "Foil Hat" people although it is, I agree, UFO related! ...lol! ...the good member removed the item along with my comment. BUT ...the inventor of this contraption joined as a member & defended his theory. Mr. Michael Menkin is now a member of UNC & exercises the rights to opinion here as we all do & Gar has decided that the "Foil Hat" issue, however strange, does fall into the "UFO category". I HAVE to agree because Gar is fundamentally right; & my theory is not patronized by many as well & I’ve not been asked to leave for this reason. This is the only category that will accept such nonsense, not even “Outrageous Fashions R Us” will not touch this one. So here it is on UNC & I’m genuinely concerned that one of my friends will log on to the site & will read this malarkey & the next thing I know I’ve got to defend my dang sanity. My helmet will be wrapped in foil for our spring ride next weekend!
Yes, this subject attracts an eclectic group of open minded individuals & let’s not judge members for harboring strange theories toward such a strange subject …but I would draw the line at letting myself or UNC be mistaken for one of the band of individuals wearing these hats! Period! Is this the best we can do? Is every form of outrageous nonsense is going to be patronized on UNC for the single reason it falls into the UFO category? I will never screen a member’s opinion & take their right to be heard, but all material is subject to my screening process & I doubt UNC will see much more on the “Thought Screen Device”!
We already discussed avoiding the “Tabloid Magazine” look.
As far as reflecting ones thoughts back into themselves, that is a good point Denis & I can image the new medical terms to describe such conditions …instead of introverted it will be televerted! …”reflect on that thought for a moment” will take on a whole new meaning! …lol!
I suggest no one stares into the microwave with one on while heating their tea!
No offence to our member Mr. Menkin, but some member has to stand a cry foul, this is just too silly. I’ll be happy to post any test results in contrary of my opinion if it is not hearsay. …Jim

Comment by O on April 8, 2011 at 9:17pm
No,,dont sweat it,,,i was kidding anyways.I know how it sounds,,trust me.But,,there is something there not to be mentioned i think and i will just leave it at that i think for now until i get some more evidence to show you a better  understandable way,,,,to make it easier to contemplate.And how this interconnects with ufos and other things is an interesting thing to type about,,,,Learning it is one thing,,seeing it is another,,TTYL,birdman
Comment by DMA on April 8, 2011 at 8:48pm

Hi William

I have an open mind but need more information to work with...if you have it please let me see it as my last post was not to ridicule the topic but more to challenge for every action their is a reaction and work from there.

You appear to be holding information  on the "good stuff" William but I detect a hesitation from you to share it for your own personal reasons.




Comment by O on April 8, 2011 at 8:41pm
You dont understand,,,its not you people i was referring to,,,everyone is entitled to there opinion.Its the other people im concerned about,,,but not really i suppose.Oh,,your funny Denis,,,keep the humor going,,,please.There is some stuff going on in the states that people are just finding out about,,which is a good thing.Birdman
Comment by DMA on April 8, 2011 at 7:55pm


This is funny...has anyone thought about the damage one could do you yourself by not allowing ones crazy thoughts to escape from your brain. Surely the theory must work in reverse and  keeping all our thoughts trapped in under a foil helmet might over cook our tiny brain matter.


respect to JJH for giving this subject a good kick up the arse





well...we need a good laugh now and again.

Comment by JJH on April 8, 2011 at 7:51am


  Hi Birdman;

  That is not fair! Why would you not explain it in understandable detail. Your not that delicate! ...lol ...you can handle a little bit of a debate. Plus Will, it is only debating & opinion, & even if one is targeted, it does no harm to us on an individual basis, but benifits UNC as a whole. Being targeted with a 9mm is one thing & can be downright painfull ...but being targeted by opinion is harmless & we all learn from it. So come on now, my peaceful friend ...out with it. I want to hear what you think on the matter as I'm sure others do as well! ...Jim

Comment by O on April 7, 2011 at 9:42pm
This is a good scientific informative blog,,,not saying i am gonna go out and buy one of this guys replicated patents,,,,but there is something here to be talked about,,,mark my words.Once i got myself into the study of ufology,science will always prevail,,and i think the science here described works in two ways,,not just one,,,,its not about the hat,,but it is,,,,thats all im saying,,,i could explain in understandable detail but i wont,,,dont want to get targeted again if you know what i mean.Peace Birdman
Comment by Innocents With In on April 7, 2011 at 10:18am
Comment by Innocents With In on April 7, 2011 at 9:38am

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