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Passion is the ingredient to UNCs success as well. When Gar created UNC he created a great template, a great empty space …it was void of any members. And then you all joined …some long ago at the early inception of UNC …others more recent …& you brought that passion that drives you to ask these questions …& you …each & every one of you that brought that passion to UNC are who made UNC …you ARE UNC …period! Otherwise, without those 20 members that bring that passion to UNC on a daily basis …it would be a template with fields filled with members’ names …perhaps as many as 787 …but there would be little or no photos submitted …& no comments to reply to …UNC would be have 787 members but would as void as the surface of my bald head!
Gar deserves & has got my thank you for creating & good space …but it is you members that I respect, that bring vigor …find videos on the net …submit photos …then take time to analyze & post your opinions. It is YOU people that made & currently make UNC …built with a passion for the answer.
So while your giving Gar the thank you he deserves for creating UNC …take a bow …because YOU are the members that make it what it IS …the success of UNC is owed to YOU …the remaining 787 that lack passion …are waiting for it come out on video or one of you to find it on the net for them. WHERE EVER ALL YOU collectively are will be the premiere UFO site because YOU & your passion is the single driving force behind it’s success. So accept the credit due to yourselves & I for one must take this time to say how much I have appreciated each & every one of you. I’ve learned much from you all & will continue to do so with any luck at all.
Just thought I would expose my opinion of where my personal respects & appreciations are in the case of UNC. …thanks again members …for bringing your passion for the truth to UNC & making what it is! …Jim

Sorry for the theatrics ...it's just the way I express myself! ...lol 

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Comment by Gar on August 16, 2011 at 6:21pm


This is very true. I agree and have always said the same Jim. It is the members who make the site. I wrestle with that sometimes when we get a member here and they end up causing havoc but still the site is for all of us who are truly serious about this topic to put our heads together and share information and hopefully push things forward even if it is only by a tiny drop in the pond. I guess I hope just maybe we can make a ripple and it will have a sort of "butterfly effect".

Comment by O on July 7, 2011 at 10:03pm
well it aint no site if its not worth seeing sightfully,,so seeing the site at a sightseeing perspective will only enhance sightseeing capabilities.I am a site see'er.But if it aint no site,then why are ya seeing so much,lol.See ya all later,,,Sincerely the sincered Birdman
Comment by kevin on April 25, 2011 at 8:13am
No words can top that i am speachless for once!!!!

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