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Return Of The Probes

a blog by Wayworld

It has been 55 years now since my arrival was hugely proclaimed across my dad's store window 'It's a Boy!'. That mainstreet window has long since disappeared, mom is gone
now too and the town has changed. My greatest accomplishment is
seeing my family grow and be happy. I suppose this is the age or
therabout, where it is natural to reflect on ones past experiences
and wonder how the future will unfold. Maslow called it
self-actualization. Perhaps that is the point where we become more of
a philosopher. My purpose dear reader, is to gather the lessons of a
lifetime and with those tools build a part of a larger whole. More
than that, my purpose is to add my effort to the push towards a
better future for humanity. The tipping point of certain effects
sometimes requires just a tiny bit more effort, like a feather or a
thought. That being said, the idea that our individual life
experiences shape our unique understanding of reality, to the point
of including what is even possible for one to imagine, is of utmost
importance to our case.

Lately I have been noticing strange events like The Bee And The Rod, and the Saucer Above My Parents House, The Probe Behind My Back, weird co-incidences too. Even I
question my sanity daily; -so far we agree that we're fine. Perhaps
this receptivity, is a machine built of learning. Perhaps that
learning somehow turns on a transmitter of sorts & it is picked
up by entities via some kind of telepathy. Signals transmitted and
received? Not far fetched, we and everything else around us are doing
it all the time.

Previously I felt the urge to go outside and take some pictures. It felt perfectly natural for me to do that because I am an avid photographer. Thinking back I suppose
that urge really came out of the blue (so to speak). I snapped a few
shots then decided to see the effect of a picture off the reflective
plastic dome in my yard. Later while examining the pictures I noticed
an object that was clearly not a raindrop or piece of dirt or
anything on the dome or in the plastic of the dome. The object, after
ruling out all other explanations that I can think of, had to be
something physical seemingly floating above the trees in my yard!
That is my conclusion. I do try to
look at things from as many perspectives as I can imagine in the time
allotted me. I would certainly co-operate in any closer look at the facts. I go over and over the occurrence in my
mind everyday. Desperately, it seems, part of my mind wants to forget
and pretend that I saw nothing even though I have photographic proof!

Caption: The image above is Super Enhanced to show more of the 'probe' detail. Note the background is pixelated at this level of magnification.

Up to this point it seems that I had been encouraged (by methods unknown) to go outside with my camera to take some random shots, while I complied with that compulsion some
kind of probe of a design as yet unrecorded in UFO files (as far as I
can tell) manouvered to a spot where it could be recoded by a lucky
bounced photograph. I still shake my head at this. But things are about to get much wierder!

Many days later I decided to reexamine the security globe with an eye to solving the question of was it an object on or near the globe or was it a real physical object. The
first thing I did was to take a few control photographs with perhaps
some dirt or something on the globe.

In the photo above one can clearly see that dirt or sap spots are on the surface of the globe and not in the air above.

I throughly examined the globe and cleaned it with Windex before taking these. The next picture I took I oriented myself toward where the probe was first photographed, I
snapped a few shots.

It was many days again before I had a chance to examine the cameras images on the computer.

I was hoping to have captured another probe or something more definitive but was disapointed by the results. Then I noticed something of interest.

At the top right of this image we notice a small triangle. I thought, well why not just enlarge and enhance the triangle, if it comes out all blurry oh well. Upon
enlarging a bit I noticed the area around the triangle looked like a
postage stamp. I'm sure I said WTF, WTF, WTF holy s__t!

From this point I began enlarging, croping, clarifying, contrast and sharpness and saturation.

When I reached this level of enhancement I was tired of exclaiming to myself WTF! This is not what I ever expected to capture. Quickly I tried to enhance a similar area
of the sky to see what turned out. The result was a blank white page,
nothing. What we now have before us on the monitor is impossible
with any technology we know of.

The best results I could hope for in enhancing a part of a picture off of that scratchy globe would be similar to the first Probe. Period. This tiny triangle should yeld a
blurry, pixelated, barely recognizable triange shape, not an
amazingly complex modern art graphic design.

What can it be?

Well it's not a spacecraft or a probe! It's not a weather balloon or swamp gas either.

Clearly this is a message, beautiful, very strange, and perhaps very important. I don't know any more than that. I surmise that the graphic was transmitted to my camera and inserted in the photo that I had snapped. How they hoped
the message would be received much less decoded is beyond me. What
are the chances that I would decide to enhance that blurry dot?

Hard to believe all of this isn't it? You read and study and watch and learn and then they go and do something crazy like this? It's not even in the book! Typical! Crazy
aliens, what next? When do I get my ride on the ship?

Possibly the first example of Alien Art.

The second picture is a negative of the original (first).

Please distribute this picture, it is a gift and a message from the Aliens.- Wayworld (Peace.)

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Comment by WayWorld on September 7, 2010 at 2:08pm
Hi Jim,
Thank you buddy. Love the eye picture (lol)! I appreciate straight shooting and honesty. I appreciate your fairness and even-handedness. Even when we don't agree I hope we remain friends.

I know you have an entire site to administer and it does take energy and thought to be fair to all of the members. You have to think about much, increasing and keeping membership, not letting the site be hijacked by a faction, keeping the threads harmonious to the fabric of the site. All that as well as examining case after case - perhaps over and over. It is obvious that our members appreciate your company and your efforts (I do).

Yes I do have an imagination I grant that in spades. Funny, I have actually come to a similar conclusion that you have reached. It is possible to process and reprocess something until possibly, the software which renders shades, colors, etc. begins to process computer generated artifacts, repeating. If that was the case the artifacts would be endlessly complicated - just as we see in the pictures. - Whew, real world explanation, we can stop reading now and forget the whole thing.


This matter is of great importance to the facts of any photo case.
At what point do we stop enhancing? When is an enhanced picture of no use in analysis?
Do we throw out all photo evidence because we don't like the results, or we can't trust our eyes? Do we throw out certain evidence because it is inconvenient? That begs the question, where did the triangle and postage stamp effect come from? It could well be that a cosmic ray interfered with a pixel or more to create the triangle shape in the first place. That is a very good real world explanation, one that I intend to take up with Corel and Adobe customer support, they may have a better explanation. I will let you all know what they have to say on the subject of digital enhancement and such.

I want to know what's really going on, not just what fits the formula and what is comfortable. My hobby is digital enhancement, in most cases the result is obvious, yes it is enhanced and shows the facts more clearly than an un-enhanced photo. If we cannot trust the enhancement then we can't trust the original either (for the same reasons).
So then is all of this a complete waste of time!?
Is this just a place where certain people come to stroke their egos?
Is this just a place where only in-crowd folks can bring their evidence to the table?

In the mean time I will learn more (and share with those interested) about the technical aspects of photo enhancements.

Some questions still are nagging at me:
What about the other three interesting and possibly related incidents if have photos of? I'm sure they have some real world explanations as well, not many people, even here it seems, will tolerate the thought that UFO's are alien craft and are visiting us, abducting some, and communicating with us.

I have asked before: What is the official stance of this website and/or group, do you believe in the subject or don't you? Why are you studying something you don't believe exists?
While we are being honest, I thought I had found a serious group of UFO investigators, now I feel I may be wasting my time. As far as I am concerned the case for UFOs has been answered enough to now be a fact, if one doesn't believe it then one hasn't done one's research, come back to us after school. This is not a Sasquatch hunt we are on folks! These things are a proven part of our world (government verified), our reality like it or not. Am I wasting my time by sharing my thoughts and aggravating the order of things here?
Comment by JJH on September 6, 2010 at 6:54am
Ok...Perhaps this will be my last comment on this;
And I’m not out to offend anyone...just being honest!
First WW...that is NOT a graphic picture...it is an over worked out of focus triangle from Adobe Photo Shop. If we are...if we ACTUALLY ARE going to go to this extent...then I can work up a photo of the plain old blue sky until it becomes pixelated, nothing but blue square pixels. Would it make sense for me to state with conviction that the dang sky is made out of SQUARE BLUE BOXES...no...Because I OVER rendered the photograph to get that effect...plain & simple. Sometimes we can go to far with Photo apps...this is 25% of the problem with this photo...the real problem is the remaining 75%...& that is you went too far with your imaginations. THAT is 75% of the problem here...simple over active imagination fueled by the emotional desire to see something else.
You say “I don't want to read anything into anything that is not complicated” ...&... “I am looking at the logical possiblities”
I’m going to contradict that WW...You are reading FAR to much into it & COMPLICATING it unecessaryly & your NOT looking at logical posiblities...with the evidence at hand...logic would dictate that we don’t know what it is...in that case...more logic would dictate that it is something completely normal, just out of focus & at a strange angle or such. The fantastic is when one assumes this is a message or such renderd in modern art. I’m going to help UNC be investigators & think inside the box...it seems some need direction when it comes to analyizing photos & coming to conclusions.
I don’t think it is dust in your camera or a blemish on the globe...I think it is a bird or a bug...likely a bug!
Bugs...BUG me...if I can find it I’ll post a photo of a bug...it is even lit up & all in broad daylight if it is still on UNC...Jim
Comment by WayWorld on September 5, 2010 at 11:21pm
Thanks for the comment. I still love you PBB & guys and gals!
Yes, I think you've got the events down except that as I said in the article, I checked the dome thoroughly and cleaned it on purpose before taking the pictures, the camera too. I believe the important thing is the graphic picture which cannot possibly come from a flaw or a smudge. So running of to have my camera dissected would be a bit over the top redundant. The reason for my taking the pictures was to compare what a picture on the globe with an inspected and clean surface against the Acorn-Probe pictures of the week or so before. After these strange events I think I acted reasonable: I contacted others who are interested in the phenomena that I believe I am experiencing. I am looking at the logical possibilities, not only the ones that I can think of but the ones that my new friends might think of as well. I don't want to read anything into anything that is not complicated. At the same time I wouldn't want to overlook something important (and not share it) just because I don't understand it or am afraid of criticism. I have to admit that I will change 'it is' to 'it may be' in future posts.
In the mean time I must thank you Deb, and everyone who has taken the time to share in part of my life story, it is good to get things out. Yes, I think we agree that this case must be put on the unprovable list. I knew the dust would fly here but I truly believe it to be important somehow. - Peace
Comment by richard casey callahan on September 5, 2010 at 7:07pm
hey jim, i still think it is interesting, and different. i hope a few other people get a chance to look at it, and express their views on it.
Comment by JJH on September 5, 2010 at 5:44pm
Hi Richard;
Of course...it is the power of the collective minds. I just don't see that much in this photo to identify it as ANYTHING. And many photo's are like that...so they usually get dropped as inconclusive. I never take them down...as some new member may come aboard & shed some light on it. But I'd like us to declare "inconclusive" when thay are unstead of surmising something else...& Richard my friend...this is just my opinion...Bill Brackett hasn't weighed in yet...lol...just teasing y'all a little Billy...lol! He'll tell me to take my meds...lol!
Part of our learning IS reading others opinions & perspective. I'm just one of those that deals primarily with the evidence at hand...which is this photo so my opinion is ..."inconclusive" ...but when "inconclusive" is agreed upon...it should also be agreed upon that it likely is something normal & an everyday thing rather than something as rare & wild as artwork from Aliens. And I say this with respect for yourself & all others...but I just can't agree with y'all on this one at this point...lol...Jim
Comment by richard casey callahan on September 5, 2010 at 4:44pm
jim, unidentified, yes. up in the air, and possible flying, yes. interesting, yes. let's let a few more members view and weigh in.
Comment by JJH on September 5, 2010 at 4:35pm
I agree that the images are strange, ...yes, but I really think your both reading & seeing FAR too much in these abstract images. I readily agree with Richard that portions resemble a sitting human figure. But so far that's it...I want to say..."Hey hold up, your letting your imaginations take you into the realm of the fantastic"! We don't know if this is not dust on the lens or a bug...those out of focus images that were worked up could be the moving wings of a dang dragon fly for example...AND... one can pull the same thing out of ink splats... I am not being faceious, we all know on UNC that I take this subject extremely serious. And we've all heard me mention our "perception" of things. How we percieve a photo this unclear will be vastly different among the membership & will certainly get us nowhere. I actually like hearing peoples take on it though as I treat it like a survey of which members will take a stand & accept that there is a 90% chance that this is something completely normal & unexciting...this is not "Theatre of the Unusual" it is an investigating site...let's get back & at least exhaust the earth bound options first...& even if we can't identify this abstract photo as a bug or a dust partical...it does NOT make it a UFO either...it is just too unclear at this point with our abilities to say one way or the other...& if THAT REMAINS the CASE...that it could be a bug only...how do we go so far as thinking it is not only a UFO...but a message in fractional art. Boys...get back in the Box...in my opinion your thinking way outside of the box while we have no evidence to support that.
Again guys...I enjoy this thread & answer most or all comments...but when we do this we will miss the obvious & I'm afraid we will learn little.
No offence WW...I can refer you to a photo that I took this spring...far more detail & compelling than this fuzzy triangle. (I'll post it as it was before you joined) It even had smoke like stuff under it & a hydro line in the frame for altitude reference...it's still posted, but it lasted for about three comments...& it is all it deserved...why...because it COULD have been birdy poop...period. No one asumed it was from outer space & that is good. In common sense we can't chase every photo into outer space...the photo's evidence must LEAD us there...& this one dosen't. I'm asking you both to remain grounded until you find something tangible to take off on. There has been a LOT of speculation on this photo & one good thing is...it is teaching us about US & how we can mis-percieve things & get a little over board.
And it's been a hell of a good thread, you both, WW & Richard have great minds...let's just get them back in the dang box until we have a better reason to think outside of it...right Bill?...lol...Jim
Comment by richard casey callahan on September 5, 2010 at 3:38pm
looking forward to it. thanks brother
Comment by WayWorld on September 5, 2010 at 3:06pm
Hi Richard,
Awesome to hear your insights!

I get a feeling looking at the shot that it was designed for the mind. Maybe it is a tuner, maybe it trains the brain to receive further information? Some will understand before others through training? Yes, this is wild speculation but it's a wild and crazy thing - and we can hold it in our hands.
Hopes of more of these pictures?
It would be very cool to have some more of this art! I don't hold much hope of more messages but who knows? I am carrying my camera everywhere, even more than before.

While going through my photo collection for my blog I came across a picture from 2006 of my backyard with another dot in the sky. Dammed if it doesn't look like something. I'll put it up right away.
Comment by richard casey callahan on September 5, 2010 at 3:06pm
jim, scientists are working on mounting extremely small cameras on flies, beetles, and other small flying insects. it also appears they are working on ways to control the flight of the insects. this would be very valuable to our military for various reasons. the size of a stamp is a bit puzzling to me since it doesn't appear to have depth, it's more two dimensional in appearance. and yes, nanobots are extremely small. wow jim, and what a tough question about how big does intelligent life have to be. my belief is that intelligent live has to have the ability to self replicate. so i imagine that covers every living thing here on earth now, and then what about robots (in any size), that can do that in the future. nanobots that are being developed to do terrafarming on other planets in our solar system, and throughout our galaxy, scare the hell out of me. they would be able to self replicate using the materiel on the planets they arrive at, and do the job they were designed for. but what if they mutate? and not in a good way. as for what bill says, yeah, we are just babies here in the universe, but we are learning.

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