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Should we be saying “Good-bye” to each other?
David Flint sent me an email, below is a link to this page concerning Dec. 21, 2,012 …or the accuracy of this date?


The credit for this Blog goes out to David Flint, as he started it & it is a rather good question…How accurate is our calendar? Was there a lapse in counting the years or a mistake made? Could this actually be the year 2,012? Consider this a comment to David’s original blog.
It being Dec. 20th…should I say “So long” to y’all…just in case? OK then ….“I’ll see y’all on the other side if we make it” …that’s a better good-bye.
Yes indeed David….we/they could be off by a couple years. I’m hoping that 2,012 will result in nothing much. I realize that there are proven physical events that occur on this date, one being the end, or beginning of the “cycle of the equinoxes” & it is at this date that the earths axis is at it’s most oblique angle to the solar plane of the other planets. But this is HOW this counting was done…by following the cycle of the stars. And there is no better place to start than the beginning of an obvious cycle. AND…what better date than Dec. 21…which is the beginning of the lengthening of our daylight hours. The Mayan calendar had to begin & end somewhere. To a society that had such vast knowledge of the stars cycles I can see why this date was chosen. How many other calendars ends or begins at this date could be a coincidence, I do believe in coincidence. But I think they shared a common knowledge perhaps. How they came upon that knowledge is beyond the scope of this comment & not really relevant so I’ll ignore it here.
But that could be & likely is the nature of these calendars. Nostradamus (spell check didn’t stand a chance with this name…lol) & the “Book of Revelations” to name only two popular prophecies of dire times does NOT go ignored however; I don’t have an answer for these, perhaps they chose the same dates because these calendars ended there? That coupled with the scientific proof of celestial events certainly captures my attention…along with this ultra-rare total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice!
I tend not to be a fear monger & I’m not accusing anyone else of that either…as this lunar event tonight IS an eye-opener. I expect we’ll all be talking about it later this week is all…as I expect we’ll have dialogue around Dec. 23rd, 2,012! I certainly HOPE so anyway, being a bit of an optimist!
I think this type of dialogue will occur every December from now until…perhaps the year 2,014. But…
What does the rest of UNC think of this possible date shift & lunar eclipse & the fact that this 2,012 event could be TONIGHT?
What about the celestial events, including the end of the cycle of the equinoxes coming in 2,012 or what we believe is that year?
I’d like to hear what else we have to add…or detract…lol! …thanks
& Merry Christmas to all! …be safe! …Jim

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Comment by JJH on September 27, 2011 at 6:56am


   Hi Rumor;

   I think that would be rather depressing ...lol! Unless of course you mean just live life to the fullest each day. Good advice ...but it would become tiring. My advice to all is ...just RELAX & enjoy life. It seems there is little one can do anyway, other than having a good emergency provision package put together. I try not to worry about the END! & I'm quite optimistic & never jump on the hype wagon. My stand on the 2,012, end of times prediction, is one of interest but I expect we'll be having dialogue on THAT subject in January of 2,013. Sure ...I believe in disasters & world changing events & I fully expect one of them will be at an E.L.E. magnitude. (ELE = Extict Level Event). It's posible that Nastrodamus & the Mayans knew of this somehow ...but that is NOT what I believe. What I do believe in ...is human nature, the "Procession of the Equinox" ends on this date & our ancient relatives knew this. The "End of Times" predictions come from the human mind ...much as they do today! Then they had Nastrodamus & his Quatrains ...today we have Utube! Same message however ...due to some deep seated fear of some disaster coming ...& this is not wrong ...as something bad will eventually happen to this planet as has happened before ....in the form of natural disaster. But we've no idea when or from where this baddness will occurr. ...Jim

Comment by JJH on December 21, 2010 at 8:12pm


 I missed it Bob...but sometimes I miss much! ...lol!

 I don't recall the Tom Brokaw item but I do remember that there was an issue 100's of years ago that did raise discrepencies with the accuracy of our modern calendar. I presume I seen it on some documentary, as this is pretty much all I patronize TV viewing for, other than news. I don't remember if the error was in the "plus or minus". Could it actually be 2,006? And I'm certainly not trying to fuel the 2,012 Dooms Day Machine as I believe not much will happen & having said that...2,012 COULD be 2 years in our past & went un-noticed, ...because nothing happened! ...lol! ...Jim

Comment by JJH on December 21, 2010 at 7:18am


  Hi all;

  Yup...I'm still here George too. We had rain & high winds...missed the eclipse, but I have wittnessed one long ago.

  Lastnight was the 20th...the predictions are for the 21st. So, we still have to get through tonight...lol! Oh well, there's not much on TV on Tuesday evening anyway!  LMAO...be safe y'all...Jim

Comment by david flint on December 21, 2010 at 6:18am

i missed the eclipse   as well too much quilt cover :}}

Comment by david flint on December 20, 2010 at 3:12pm

this explains the movment of the planets in laymans terms ,http://www.kairosastrology.co.uk/astro/

Comment by JJH on December 20, 2010 at 10:41am


  Hi Dave; 

  We've got a nor-easter forcast for tonight...in fact it is snowing a wee bit now on the eastern coast of Canada. So I don't expect to wittness the eclipse. It is a triple event for us here, as it is also a FULL moon which causes record tides & I'm on the Bay of Fundy with the worlds highest tides. Then add to that storm surges & 90 kikometer winds. It will be wild but no sky watching weather. Are you all clear of your snow? ...I see Heathrow is near closed!

  We could use something like a cosmic upgrade...lol! ...Braincells? I'm not entirely sure if I've still got 90% of mine on reserve anymore...but if you figure it out let me know. It seems I'm bland...I just see no reason to expect anything other than several compelling coincidences that will occur. These events were known to the Mayans & the prophets that followed & they likely used dates of impact or the final date on a calendar to predict the end of times.

  I'll be totally honest in this regard David ...if we get a little earthquake or I see a flash of light tonight I just may soil my trousers! ...lol!

  Again, I expect we'll be chatting in the morning with clean shorts!...Jim

Comment by david flint on December 20, 2010 at 8:52am

lol mike good cartoon :}}it made me laugh

Comment by david flint on December 20, 2010 at 8:47am

nice 1 james .it will get us all out with the cameras so one of us might be in for a sighting or two. im also not one for the doom and gloom side of it . im more of a cosmic upgrade sort of person im hoping to find out what the other 90 pecent of my braincells are for .

Comment by JJH on December 20, 2010 at 8:36am


   I tend to think your right Micheal...

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