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Hi all, just a wee update on Lloyd Pye and the Starchild Skull. Still no investor yet to fund further expensive tests, however, he is going to have a segment in a Canadian (Jim!) TV show called 'Weird or What?'. Hosted by William Shatner, yikes..! To be aired later in the summer. He'll discuss the newest evidence from the Starchild Skulls' DNA. Lloyd Pye is hoping to reach a wider audience and obviously get some funding for project. Good luck to him!

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Comment by Nyree Cardwell on April 25, 2011 at 3:06pm
Comment by tony convery on April 23, 2011 at 9:03am
Hi Nyree .                                                        Ok folks empty your pockets, much we got? Is there a fund out there? if not there should be, I would gladly give a cple of bucks because its folk like us that is most likely to fund this research. There must be a few hundred thousands who find this aspect facinating and i reckon most could afford a quid or two, this is not something that would cost millions it happens everyday albeit not on alien skulls i may add. If the establishment wanted this done it would have been done long ago, again its just another pointer of trying to look away from the truth.
Comment by Nyree Cardwell on April 19, 2011 at 11:47am

I agree totally with everything. Lloyd Pye said at least its a wider platform, even if it is hosted by the guy from Star Trek!! Who knows what may come out of it. The government could eaily afford to run the ellaborate genetic testing the project needs, but I think they're scared incase it gives weight to the ancient alien theory, which we all know to be undoubtedly true!! Ho hum! Cheers!

Comment by Innocents With In on April 19, 2011 at 9:53am
I can see where the funding would be hard in something of this nature. First off most people would think that it was a fiberglass mock up of a skull..they Don't want to believe that it's true. Funding from a government.. How long can i laugh on that..They don't wish to investigate it , why? They've been hidding the truth all along..and to investigate or DNA test it would put them in a position I don't think that they want to be in..or want to be in.Theres funding out their..just the right set up and places to have a show on it..should do the job..History channel or Discovery Channel, once you get to that point..then things will be looking up...mesha
Comment by JJH on April 19, 2011 at 6:02am


  Hi Nyree;

  I almost forgot about this skull, much thanks for staying on top of it. Few items get any follow up, UNC should atay on this, as you have done.

  William Shatners "Wierd or What" is a bit of a farce! But it does get the story out to the public, 90% of which will totally ignore it! So the Canadian input may be negative unfortunately!

  I agree with Gar & Mike ...with all the money being wasted shooting each other one would think the government would spend a little on researching our "other" origins. A confusing society indeed! I had a similar conversation a few nights ago with a friend who suggested that if the governments & military are not researching the question of what is flying around our skies it is because they already know. He continued with ...UNC must consider that uncontroled airspace is a countries SINGLE BIGGEST THREAT & that any country who experiences uncontroled breaches to that airspace is going to do EVERYTHING in it's power to regain control of this air space & identify if these guys are "Friend or Foe"? Even in times of peace! So he asked "if I think they already know what is flying around hence not much interest"? ...& extended the question with ..."& is it because it is our own equipment flying around"? I tend to think our government knows much more than us but are still helpless to do anything, & THAT HELPLESSNESS is what they are hiding! But it is a good point in questioning why our governments seem to have no interest in the answers as we at UNC do. Is it because they already know?

 Sorry Nyree, I'm not attempting to deflect the subject you brought up, this is another part to it is all. ...why is there no government interest or funding involved in one of the biggest questions posed to our society? Like the origins of UFOs & this skull. ...Jim

Comment by Gar on April 18, 2011 at 5:28pm


Thanks for the update.


Wow! How sad is it that he is having so much trouble getting funding for something this important and yet every day governments and corporations waste billions. The world really makes little sense to me at times.


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