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Comment by Nyree Cardwell on December 2, 2011 at 6:02am

Hiya Jim, not heard anything more for a while. LP was away to South Africa to that UFO,Science and Consciousness conference last weekend. It looked great wish I could've went! Quite a few international speakers:

1) Miceal Ledwith (Livestream) - 2012, secrets of the Vatican, cosmic connectedness.
2) Alfred L Webre - Galactic Federation and the science of relations among civilisations in the multiverse.
3) Laura Eisenhower - Secret bases on Mars, Moon, Area 51 – sacred feminine healing power of planet Earth.
4) David Hudson - Explains the process of transforming gold into the white powder of gold or as the Bible calls it “Manna from heaven”.
5) Kerry Cassidy - Whistle blowers on secret government projects, black-opps and industrial military complex.
6) Lloyd Pye - Star Child Skull and the genetic evidence of its cosmic origins.
7) William Brown - How our DNA was manipulated into a double stranded helix and how light activates our DNA towards higher levels of consciousness.
8) Claire Janisch - Bio-mimicry – how science and technology imitate nature.
9) Jennifer Welch - Caretaker of the Crystal Skulls energetically aligned to the Nilotic Meridian and galactic core.
10) Willem De Swart - Decoding the numeric grid that seems to be the backbone of the nature of reality and the physical universe, and space-time crossover.
11) Louise Claassen - Free Masons and mysteries of Enoch.
12) Wayne Hershel - Decoding ancient star maps and the Jordanian Codices.
13) Michael Tellinger - Lost civilisations of South Africa, evidence of Anunnaki gold-mining settlements – learning about a New Social Structure from the ancients – a world without money.
14) James Gilliland (special Skype presentation) - Understanding inter-dimensional beings and moving towards higher consciousness – ET contact has begun.

Comment by JJH on November 23, 2011 at 10:55am


Hi Nyree;
Sorry ...I overlooked this. It came to my attention just last night on a televised documentary & they made it clear that this MUST be looked into much more in depth by our scientists. This skull they determine to be of NON-HUMAN source!!! They eliminated the process of "Cradle Boarding" ...which is an ancient procedure to reform the cranial deformities cause by "Infant Hydrocephalus” (Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) occurs when an obstruction in the normal flow of spinal fluid causes pressure to build up in the tissues of the brain). It cause gross swelling of the soft & developing cranium in infants & they attached the infants head into a mold of sorts to reshape the cranium while in the infant slept in the cradle …hence the name. It sounds cruel to me!
I can't add anything to Nyree’s great post as it is very informative & covers all of which the documentary covered. BUT …I can & will “Feature” this article today to generate some new interest in it. This is yet another case of dang good articles getting buried by the more recent. Also reinforces our need to put these in categories as per Reg Perrins suggestion.
Good article Nyree …my loss for missing it. …JJH


Comment by Gar on June 2, 2011 at 8:01am


Very interesting research & information! Thanks for this update, Nyree.


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