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Sumerians, Anunnaki, Lucifer, Technology

The Anunnaki and Sumerians are very relevant to the study of UFOs.

I am putting up these posts to share my understanding of the relationship between the Sumerians and the Anunnaki. This is a really cool subject and relevant to our present times.

I may be part of this, like probably many people, via DNA remnants, but that sounds outrageous, but the whole subject of UFOs is outragious......it is an outragious reality. I hope readers will share their knowledge and comments.

The Sons of Anak

The Bible, and Tanakh, clearly refers to the Anunnaki in the Book of Numbers Chapter 13 when it speaks of the Sons of Anak, whose father was the giant Arba, and the giant warlike Philistines [the Anakim, Rephaites], the Land of Milk and Honey, near Hebron, and outrageously large vegetation. Etc.

The Anakim were very tall, long necked descendents of the Nephilim. The Sons of Anak were named Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai [in English]. There is a lot more about it in the Old Testament.

The Book of Enoch

The book of Enoch is considered an “Inspired Book of God” from the time of Genesis by Christianity and Judaism. Enoch was the grandfather of Noah. He was the sixth descendent from Adam. Enoch did not die, he was ‘taken up’. Check it out on Youtube, a 1:15 hr video. Its thick with information about the Fallen Angels, the 200 Watchers, etc. Its very dense with information.

The “Book of Jubilees” is supposed to be another good reference for this time history, but I have not read it yet.

The Book of Enoch was unknown until found in the 1800s and then translated. The Bible says the truth will not be clear until the end times. ....that is now, our time. It would not have been understood before today’s science, technology and astrophysics.

Some claim the Book of Enoch was left out of the Bible by the Roman council that assembled the Bible, the Council of Nicaea, because the Romans were old school illuminati....Anunnaki descendants.  It would have given their game away.  I wish that didn’t make sense, but it does.

The Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria is said to be in the Vatican. Many books contain detailed tech drafts about starships and are written on a material similar to Kevlar.

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Comment by Jean Luc on September 30, 2017 at 5:21am


The Sumerians

The Anunnaki were the gods of the ancient Sumerians – that’s the connection.  The Anunnaki, in turn, had/have their own gods, the top god is named Lucifer….I’m not making that up.


Lucifer is described in detail in many places in the Bible.  He was the greatest, most beautiful, most powerful, most intelligent creation of Jehovah.  In all likelihood, Lucifer is way beyond our best thinking….we cannot even conceive such a powerful, non DNA “spiritual” being.

Lucifer was designed and created by Jehovah, like us, and quite possibly Lucifer had the power and intellect and technology to create the Anunnaki. I don’t know, but it seems very plausible. The Anunnaki have been called the “fallen angles”, and also the 200 Watchers in the Book of Enoch.

The Annunaki worshiped Lucifer as their high god. He is said to be a bodyless AI (artificial intelligence) being beyond our comprehension who collects souls for power....not clear on this souls thing.  It is said Lucifer is cloaked from Jehovah by not having a body somehow...I’m not clear on that either. But I don’t think anyone can hide from Jehovah.  By definition, He is all seeing, all knowing.


The biggest confusion for me is how prevalent technology is in all of this….then and now.  I consider a “God” to be on a level beyond human comprehension where things are created just by commanding it be done.  “Let there BE light.”  I don't expect things to have to be "built".

All the Anunnaki and other ET stuff is full of technology created by them or their cultures, not created by the sheer intellectual power of a God who creates things out of thin air [or nothing at all].  However, I can naturally see technology, and even engineering, heavily involved in Jehovah's creation of us Adamites.  I can see that in a human technology parallel.  But I cannot see how anyone would have created the rocks we live on using technology....the rocks and energy must have just been created out of thin air..out of nothing.. 

I personally believe in a spiritual intellect creator deity beyond . I have chosen to believe this deity to be Jehovah, the God of Judaism and Christianity. But all this technology, DNA, spacecraft, extraterrestrials, and physical ‘stuff’ is very confusing.  I see how He could easily created all living things, but I have no idea how He could have created, or could even have found, the rocks!  I just accept the fact that He did.

The NOW - 2017

The Anunnaki interbred with us Adamites and the offspring, the Nephilim, came to look more and more like us, getting shorter and shorter.  Many claim they are now called the Illuminati and the Cabal.

It is also claimed they are working in secret with ETs on a few “secret space programs”.  I was told I might be a victim of the MILAB program, one of these programs. 

I have been told I have been blank slated and it is wearing off, causing strange remembrances and pictures in my head...extraterrestrials I have never met, places I have never been, things I have never done, mostly spacecraft related.  I now seem to have extensive knowledge of ancient written languages [Hebrew, Sumerian, Phoenician, but not pictographs] and antigravity.  BUT it stops at the tip of my tongue and I cannot comprehend what I see or what I know.  But as soon as I see it, I remember it

These surviving offspring hate us Adamites and are trying to wipe us off the planet because our God Jehovah killed all their children, the Nephilim.  They want revenge against Jehovah.

Because of this, many of us, possibly myself [I cannot claim this], have Anunnaki DNA fragments in our DNA, and this is EXTREMELY interesting to certain ET species. Somehow beyond our understanding, these ETs can detect this.

One researcher told me this is why I have such a long weird relationship with ETs, and I am certainly not the only one.  My DNA is of interest also to my medical providers and several blood and skin samples have been taken, being told it was specifically for my DNA.  My medical provider is closely tied to the Federal Government.

In a secular sense, if you take the “God” aspect out of it, we could be a genetic development project of a super intelligent being, civilization, corporation, or ???  We Adamites could be a pet project of a "life developer".

That’s as clear as I have it so far and learning.  Freemasons are somehow in bed with the Anunnaki.  My 'father' was a freemason and had a ring with a diamond. HE NEVER EVER EVER TALKED ABOUT IT. Could this be a link for the hell I have been put through? I don’t know.

In the end times, as written in Book of Daniel and Ezekiel,  Habakkuk's things are going to be revealed, yet sadly people will not accept it. Maybe this is that time.

Why Do I Believe All of This is Real?

You can read hundreds of pages about what pizza tastes like, but until you actually taste and experience pizza first hand, you really don't know how it tastes or how to recognize it.  The same is true of our extraterrestrial friends. 

Until you have one show up while you are conscious, you cannot understand how real it is, how real these "people" are.  That's not to make out that contact with ETs is cool BECAUSE IT IS NOT COOL ! It is greatly disturbing ! IF YOU HAVE NEVER HAD AN INTRUSION OR ABDUCTION, DON'T WISH FOR ONE !  IT CAN DRIVE YOU INSANE, DESTROY YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, MAKE YOU REALIZE YOU ARE COMPLETELY AT THEIR MERCY.

You finally understand how helpless we are as to what they do, their intrusions, and their abductions, They are SO advanced compared to us that we become farm animals in the animal kingdom, smart monkeys.  Just as we are above the whales and porpoises intellectually, the ETs are unmeasurably above us in knowledge and capabilities.

When you are abducted, you are somehow moved through concrete and Sheetrock and shingles and wire and plywood and glass, and then returned whole back through all of it again.  A popular explanation is that our "frequency" is changed to allow this, but we have NO idea how this can take place. It is beyond our physics.

Moving the physical body is challenge enough, but add in the transport of our intellect and spirit and its time to fall on your face and beg protection from Jehovah because at least some of us know who He is !  We don't have a clue who these ETs are or where they come from.

I have learned that the ONLY protection I have from these people, these higher beings, is a personal "working relationship" with a spiritual being more powerful than they are because I am powerless..trust me, been there, done that.  I call my protective Higher Power "Jehovah".  And I expect these guys, two in particular, to be back again at a time of their choosing.

Comment by Jean Luc on September 30, 2017 at 3:31am

[continuation of previous post]


Jehovah is the “God Almighty” of Christianity and Judaism.  He is the Creator and "God" of Adam. We are the descendents of Adam, therefore, as a species, we may be called “Adamites” instead of the generic "human".

Evidently, there were many other species of humans in existence at the time. The Bible says Jehovah created everything, so He would have created them also. Not all people believe that.

Even if there were competing species development programs ongoing by other extreme beings, that does not challenge my Christian beliefs that Jehovah is the God Almighty, El Shaddi,  Who created everything .  Those extreme beings who might have created and engineered competing species programs were created by Him.  That's really wordy, but I think it gets the point across.

The Anunnaki

The Anunnaki are what this post is all about.  They were/are a reptilian breed and very large, up to 35 ft tall without downsizing created by crossbreeding with us humans.  They crashed on earth several times in their spacecraft after their moon civilization was destroyed in great battles in the heavens..outer space.  They were/are a VERY warlike DNA-based humanoid species and extremely high tech by our standards, beyond our understanding. 

They were mean and destructive and picked a fight with the wrong space people about 45000 yrs ago. Their moon base was destroyed, internally and on the surface. They were chased relentlessly even after they crashed to Earth. 

But some of them and their Earth gear survived and they rebuilt as best they could, and evidently were air-breathing beings like us.  We, the Adamites, were already here quite happy with our culture and God Jehovah. Some people believe they are alive and well under the Antarctic ice continent. 

The Great Flood

They used their surviving technology to build world-wide civilizations like Atlantis and interbred with Jehovah’s Adamites which REALLY pissed-off Jehovah big time. IF we were a DNA species development program, this interbreeding was contaminating the species development. He decided to cause a great flood to kill the Anunnaki intruders and all their children called  "Nephilim", and disgusting interbreeding blasphemies called "Chimera".

Enoch, who was extremely close to Jehovah, asked Jehovah to spare the Annunaki. He pleaded with Jehovah to save the Anunnaki and their Nephilim crossbred children.  Jehovah said “NO”. Then Enoch was taken up and ascended without dying.

Jehovah shifted the Earth on its axis, or something like that, and caused tsunamis all over plus, perhaps, this “Firmament” cloud cover thing turned into tons of rain.  Plus water gushed from below the earth’s crust. The flood waters killed most of the Anunnaki and their Nephilim children, but pockets survived. Some of us today are said to carry Anunnaki DNA remnants in our DNA since surviving Nephilim continued to crossbreed and dilute the Anunnaki DNA gene pool.  Some of us have them as ancestors, but very diluted ancestors.

The Days of Noah

Biblically, in the days of Noah, society was very very advanced, not cave people.  There was advanced genetic engineering and chimera creations.  This is all happening today, right now. Bad stuff – because Biblical prophesy says the "last days shall be as those in the time of Noah" [paraphrased].  Does Jehovah know about this?  Of course. Many church leaders have throughout the centuries tried to cover this up.  So, if you believe this prophesy, we have a huge sign that we are in the Last Days before the Second Coming.  Spell that "God's Wrath".

Anunnaki Artifacts

Anunnaki large skeletons have been dug up in many places, but most seem to be 12 ft tall or so.  But all UFO artifacts are confiscated by the US federal government, so these have now been classified as Native American graves and cannot be publicly displayed or even photographed.  Some photos are on the web, though.

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