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Dear Readers, I have been getting wonderful questions about my visitors during those first 25 years of being visited in Tucson, Arizona from my birth in 1947- my 25th year in 1972, right before I left for NYC. One type of visitors were just like us, except that they never spoke out loud to me...ever. They looked like us all, all races, but because they were often bathed in brilliant light I called them my "Bright Friends". The other type of visitors were much smaller; they were a human/amphibian hybrid, one of many hybrids created in the future world of my visitors to aid in the colonization of planets whose physical/geographical characteristics were different than our Earth. These visitors also did not speak out loud to me, as well. I have attached the drawing I made of the little ones. I remember holding their faces in my hands whenever one of them held me. They would make funny faces and make me laugh, then they would laugh. I loved them as equally as I loved the human-looking ones. In another post I will show other drawings made to explain the many Gestational Greenhouses I saw on board the larger ships. Sincerely, Karen Kalliopi Papagapitos

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Comment by Karen Kalliopi Papagapitos on August 1, 2017 at 4:55am

Dear J Bird,  from all my recollections they wore lightweight boots. These little ones were well adapted to long periods on the ships. They also comprised many of the 'field' excursions in the desert to harvest geological and plant samples for the Atrium. And any excursion into the desert, especially at night, required boots if they went beyond the perimeters of protected areas. I might add here that when they went into the desert to harvest materials, they often wore a mask for use outside the protective fields. I believe this might be what some abductees see and describe as the masks do resemble the conventional descriptions of other greys. However, when they took off the masks, their little faces were nothing like the slant eyed drawings generally associated with this group of aliens. It would be like a Neanderthal meeting one of us wearing sunglasses and sunscreen; in other words, to them our sunglasses and sunscreen had to be a part of us. Or, for another analogy, if the Neanderthal saw one of us driving they would perceive that the car was a part of us or we were a part of the car. Their background of experience would not provide them with any reference to know otherwise. I believe we have to accept that what we remember might also be defined by those same limitations; it is an unavoidable caveat. I applaud you for studying. At this age, 70, I reference my memories. Thankfully, I have drawn hundreds of pictures over the years. I just never shared them before now (and since publishing "Bright Friends"). My best to you and your endeavors.

Comment by J Bird on July 31, 2017 at 8:18pm

Hi Karen,,I was wondering what they were wearing on their feet due to continuity factors of my own studies.Materials being used could mean a lot of answered questions.Thanks for your courage again,,J

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