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This needs to be clarified once & final ...

 This is UNC ...period! 

If UNC does not offer a member what it is they seek ...then do not expect UNC to change or try to suit the individual. We created a site ...free to all who are like minded to join & participate. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the direction UNC has chosen …please do not take up space or my time protesting ...there are 100's of sites ...surely, those that are not happy with UNC can find one that suits you.

   My job here is to manage this site to suit our goal with the like-minded members that are satisfied with UNC ...it is them I work for. For those that are not happy ...no more complaining please ...& frankly ...I do not care! If your that unhappy ...please be adult enough to leave UNC quietly while UNC & the satisfied members move in the direction that we chose & spend time researching UFOs instead of having to be exposed to your constant complaining. 

   To show that UNC is serious in our goal ...I have included a letter from the man that owns this site …see below.  Read it & heed it ...your negative comments are not welcome ...the positive thinking among us have had quite enough...

Hi Jim,

Just catching up on messages.

Yes, I hear you and understand where you are coming from.

That is my view as well. We cannot make the people happy. It is not our job to make the people happy. Sure we can try but I agree more effort needs to be placed on taking the site in the right direction. I'd rather that we have 5 members dedicated to serious research than 1,000 members chasing ghosts and 2012.

I do not think it is snubbing people it is simply allocating the most precious resource any of us has... TIME... to the things that matter the most. Just a matter of priorities, right? I mean certainly your time is better spent analyzing a photo of a UFO that appears to not be a bird or a plane than it is reading posts about 2012 Doomsday.


This should clarify everything & help some make a decision. …JJH/UNC

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