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I have been acting manager of this site for 4 years now ...I sometimes experiment ...in attempt to make UNC a site for all to enjoy. THAT DOES NOT WORK! I have experimented with tailoring the site to suit the membership interests ...only to have the topic of UFOs deflected to subjects such as government conspiracies or religion & other non-related subjects. This is normal of course ...as religion & Aliens do have common ground & of course some believe the governments of the world are in contact with Aliens. This recent experiment with opening UNC to all subjects ...however remotely related to UFOs has resulted in members quitting & many letters of complaints in my mail box in one short week. So now I have to address this. Quite simply …UNC will just NEVER be able to please ALL the members & it appears UNC was doing rather well ...with the majority of the membership happy pursuing UFO related material only. UNC does try to keep an open mind toward the UFO subject …but we really do not see the subject of government conspiracies & religion as furthering this quest for facts & the truth on UFOs.
UNC was created by Gar as a UFO study group. The subject is UFOs only. We are returning to & adhering to that venue & there WILL be Rules to keep it that way. Let me make this clear ...UNC cannot nor will we attempt to address the individual whims of single members. Nor will the Front Page space be used to vent the complaints of these members. Simply …if UNC is not what you’re looking for ...move on …there are 100’s of sites that may better suit you. I entertain suggestions via my UNC mail box. Feel free to offer any suggestions if they are directly related to the study of UFOs. 
One thing that is extremely important to UNC is not misleading the public & the membership with statements of opinion or guesses passed off as fact. It will only result in UNC being dead WRONG & losing respect as a group & site that seeks the truth through facts. All we have is speculation …the public does NOT have factual proof of ANYTHING regarding UFOs yet. I & UNC will override any statements contrary to this. 
ALL MATERIAL IS SUBJECT TO TONYs SCREENING PROCESS. Photos of things that are simply an out of focus light in a dark sky are useless. If there is nothing that can be done with it …then why waste time & space. If it is part of an actual sighting being reiterated to UNC …that is different. I’ll use the SoHo articles as an example. There is NOTHING that can be determined from ANY of these due to not enough information & terrible photographic imaging. Stuff like the Black Night is great material …as it can NOT be called interference or a glitch & there is so much more to work with. UNC actually has a chance to prove if it is space junk or an Unidentified Object. We cannot do that with a blob of light from outer space. 
FORUM is no longer needed & will not be used. It was intended to address OTHER subjects of interest …but UNC is about UFOs. It has been used to circumvent the Screening process or to entertain subjects of interests to individual members. Simply …if you have common interests in something else …as members …you can correspond via private UNC emails & will not use UNCs space for this. There will NOT be a UNC Underground to cause diversions among the satisfied membership nor will there be a VOTE for another member who wants to implement change …I do not speak for ANYONE …I speak for & manage UNC & THIS IS HOW IT WILL BE. There will be no more comments or posts of this nature. If UNC does not suit you …don’t waste our time & space complaining …find a site that does! PERIOD!

To the NEW members: I've been busy deleting the memberships of those that have used UNC as a Forum topromote businesses or private interests.
UNC is not ...I repeat ...NOT a site to advertise or promote your private ventures such as video games, movie trailers ...or anything. UNC is NOT a Forum for free promotions. As a member ...if you’re not here for the study of UFOs ....please terminate your membership. Any Blogs of this nature will be deleted along with the member that posts them. The Pending Posts section is for UFOs material only.

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Comment by JJH on September 2, 2013 at 10:33pm

UNC does not discuss Administrative business with the membership & we do not post complaints on the Front Page …I can be reached via UNCs email facility & issues are addressed there privately. The public & members log on to UNC to read about UFOs …not administrative issues or the discontent of the membership. Recently, UNC approved over 300 new members so I posted this “Notice” to the club. So I’ll answer to this issue publically to avoid having to send it to many of the new members.
First …I agree with you …there is NO reason to belittle or bully each other for our different beliefs. But …this does happen on occasion …when it does …just ignore the offending member.
I & UNC is hard on the evidence …we rip it apart. Nor does the club entertain off topic or marginal material. But respect among each other is paramount or all communication will cease.
Reg Perin is not an Administrative member. UNC has four Administrative members …two of them run the mechanics of the site …Tony Screens the material content & I manage the membership & Front Page.
I cannot defend the attitude of one or any of the members …good or bad. When things get too harsh …I delete the offending member. We will not let recalcitrant or rude members drive off new members …nor do we want your honest opinion restricted due to another member attacking one for what they believe in. UNCs policy is that ALL opinions get posted if they are on the UFO subject & are not offensive.
We tolerate extreme critique of the material …but UNC does not tolerate extreme critiquing of the member that posted it. We try not to be personal in our responses to a photo or what one believes.
Some members think the Aliens & the governments of this planet are going to enslave us to harvest earth’s resources or eat us. Eventually …you …like many of us will have to hold your tongue when you read some of the things members believe. Disrespect is not born from intelligence …it is the product of ignorance! So …please don’t take any members opinion personal Vlada.

Comment by JJH on August 8, 2013 at 12:51pm

   As I said Mikey ...Thanks

Everyone SHOULD appreciate the fact that you make the effort. Simply ...there is so much stuff out there these days ...that UNC should pick through it & post the better stuff. We've all been at this a long time Mate ...by now it is obvious when a photo or article is going to be impossible to do anything with. If enhancements & enlargements shows nothing ...then why bother working it further? We just have to accept that many photos are going to reveal little & when they DO reveal nothing ...we will gain respect by being honest & saying so ...to do anything else is misleading ourselves & those that look to UNC for some answers. Plus ...I also agree with you ...it seems NOTHING is a UFO ...& it gets frustrating ...after 30 years to still have to concrete evidence to support what we all KNOW. I believe Aliens & UFOs DO exist. But it would be great to PROVE it. And that does not mean we should address the many theories of what & why they are here. I think UNC should concentrate far more time on that. But we seem to have settled into a regime of having articles posted & simply weeding out the good from the bad. Unfortunately ...there are too few articles like Black Knight & the Turkish Tubitak one to sink our teeth into. Those are STILL unexplained. ...Jim

Comment by mikey on August 7, 2013 at 4:13pm

Right ho fella,as you and tony do i do 50 hrs a week graft,this is my interest,i do post material wavers of sightings but very rarely now and if you have noticed i'm not commenting or getting dragging in to arguments anymore, i might say odd thing but very rarely and very brief,i'm just trying to find good material, i removed the alien agenda one myself without pressure my own decision, but the sun ufo related ones are worth a look at, thats my only point on this, i if you have noticed put some interesting articles on blog section have'nt been touched and there worth a look too


Comment by JJH on August 7, 2013 at 11:09am


Thanks & please continue to post material.

This has nothing to do with you; it just happened to be the article you posted that started this last incident. I seldom have time to go through 2 hour videos to look for content approval …or check for hidden ads, spam or kiddie porn. Although this should be done …Tony & I do get busy with life outside of UNC …so we’ll often approve articles because it is on topic. However; being about UFOs does not always mean it is appropriate for UNC & that is not new.

Yes everyone was invited back & as promised …all opinions have been & will be posted …if they are on topic. However; on occasion there will be opinions that stray off topic & I attempt to redirect the thread to focus on UFOs …nothing new there either.

UNC can NOT manage this site to please one or two members …fact is …over the past 4 years UNC has arrived at a point that appears to have the acceptance of the membership in general. That is good enough!

I’m not going to beat around the bush or sugar coat this to avoid offending someone. When Tony or I make an Administrative decision we will not accept the indignity of being insulted or have UNCs space wasted on the ridiculous comments we are seeing again. It instantly put UNC back an entire year …one member quit due to this & Terry is gone also… but I cannot say it is due to this as he gave UNC no reason …perhaps the timing is just coincidental. And this is because a one or two members do not like how I manage UNC. It has been made clear …that if members are not happy with how I manage or have questions of why I did not approve an article to contact me privately …& not post it on the front page. But there is ALWAYS one or TWO that must be recalcitrant & disrespect this one request.

AND …this is the last time this type of dialogue will be seen on the Front Page …how I manage UNC is not UFO topic nor is it appropriate front page material! The next comments of this nature will be deleted. For those members that cannot accept this or think it is government infiltrated censorship …I’ll take this opportunity to ask that you keep it off the front page or find a site that will cater to your individual needs. Is THAT too much to ask?


Comment by mikey on August 7, 2013 at 6:31am

I don't what to say here jjh,you asked a few of us to come back which i did, i'm posting things as i do and as far as i can remeber bar the video i deleted myself everything i have posted so far has been ufo related just i will say on odd occasion fella, it might be an idea to post things on the fellas that alleged fly the things,adds to the interest don't ya think, just an observation


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