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UFO Researcher says UFO's are real and they are watching our Nuclear Weapons


Red Rooster

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Comment by JJH on March 24, 2011 at 7:53am

Hi Fred;
Good point ...I say that a lot it seems ...lol, UNC members often DO bring good points to the debate. Yes, we could be a flawed version of a hybrid experiment; in that case, this flaw is predominating throughout our recorded history & likely beyond. This does not contradict the theory, but supports the possibility that the Aliens have had a hand in our development for a long time. Perhaps they made an error? Many of us accept this as a possibility. God made man in his own image, right? I'm not a firm believer in the hybrid theory but it is one that supports much of what occurs in the abduction scenario, & I must consider it as a possibility.
Nor is nature perfect in the process of natural development that we call evolution. That too is evident in the many failed species we have fossil records of. It appears there are other species doomed to failure for climatic reasons or human development. Then there are those that think stock-piling ten times enough nuclear arms to destroy the planet is prudent. Couple this with a history of war & modern animosities; it would certainly seem that we possess a flawed gene called hatred & violence & will likely become a fossil record as well due to this.
Aliens see this, it is dang hard to miss the nuclear explosions in the south Pacific in the 50’s & 60’s. It would make sense that they would like to disarm us before sending an Ambassador? MAYBE they are showing signs that they do not retaliate to aggression & also showing that our nukes can be rendered un-operational, so that is not a consideration. So far I do believe they’re purpose is a peaceful one & that it is us, not the planet they’re interested in. Maybe they trying to remove the virus in our main processing units that that want to crash the entire system? …lol! Or maybe they are keeping us from starting a chain reaction that will have effects far outside our planet? We don’t know where this reaction actually ends as we’ve yet to experience it. If it destroyed the planet the solar system would be next as the gravitational balance would be upset & affect the orbits of other planets. The domino effect would result in the eventual collapse of the entire solar system & may even have affects beyond it. We do NOT have the right to cause so much destruction. Maybe these guys are the EPA of the universe? …lol! …just more food for thought! …Jim

Comment by frederick W. Fowler on March 23, 2011 at 10:30pm
It's kind of Ironic and in a way almost "funny" that our scientists think they know everything or almost certain they do. The largest part of humanity wants nothing to do with nuclear power yet the governments are shoving it down our throats. The majority of people know it's potential threat to the world yet we cannot stop it's developement. It seems to be a strand in our GENES that we want to destroy ourselves--thus the need for bigger and better weapon of distruction. I would like to be a mouse in the corner when all this is taking place in the control bunkers. If I were an alien race coming to an unknown planet I would like to know how to dis-arm any weapon systems also--for peaceful purposes or otherwise.
Comment by JJH on March 22, 2011 at 12:44pm


   I don't think the Aliens explode things! Why they would watch nuclear plants & weapons is perhaps because we got no dang idea what we're messing with. If a form of nuclear fission actully results in a black holes in space space ...then what would it do to our little planet. That may be why they are watching IF in fact they are.

Comment by JJH on March 22, 2011 at 10:42am


  That is likely GOOD news! All one has to do is compare it to who is controlling the nukes NOW! Nuclear fission or reaction occurs in our sun, it ALL stars. This reaction goes on uncontrolled for billions of years until they go super nova & collapse to often time create a black hole. Black holes were once thought to be rare but it has been proved that they are at the center of almost every galaxy & believed now to be part of the natural evolution of galaxies. That being said …brings us back to nuclear fission on a smaller scale …our weapons & power stations. I think perhaps that nuclear fission on a larger scale is a galaxy forming or changing event that is necessary & hugely powerful, the single most powerful force yet to be discovered in fact! But should anyone be messing with such a powerful force. A situation where uncontrolled reaction can actually form black holes on a large scale, I loath to imagine what it could do to our little planet or those that have to live on it. Go have a look at Japans situation!
If this planet or this race is important to the Aliens, it would make sense for them to monitor the situation. Or if they are just galactic naturalists exploring other places, they may see our primitive technology as a stepping stone on our development & are making sure we don’t screw up this nice place they are visiting. Much like we do when we help third world countries with technology so they do not have to pollute our common home to have electric lights. Just a thought. …Jim

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