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This video was found after one christmas now i have read that this family were aliens themselves and that they we're returning to their people th video has been released to public for view by the authorities what do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfIH_TfgsZk

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Comment by Meisha B on February 23, 2016 at 10:27pm

Theres a small problem with this video. The close ups. They are blurred because the person that made this video zoomed in and so was the lettering was blurred. So there was only one photo taken. And the time on the pictures haven't change. So as the minutes go by, the time remains the same. If the camera stopped working the time would of stopped as well. How is it that , she was able to take an inside picture and the times remains at 11:39

Comment by peace&equity199 on February 23, 2016 at 7:45pm
Comment by tony convery on February 23, 2016 at 12:09pm

got 20 secs in and had to turn the torture off. Enough to turn a man to drink. Funnily enough...

Comment by Meisha B on February 20, 2016 at 8:00am

Peace. State the sources of the information. UNC is about truth. Finding all the sources of information this way we all down the line can see if the source of the info is creditable. If we believe something is creditable to further the investigation to it, we want the source of your info. then depending on the sources info, we check out the sources , source. and so on. Each video or story started some where. We can't just except things as they are. If we all did, then this and thousand of other sites like this, wouldn't exist. People here , the one's that have been here 8 years, are 100% dedicated to finding the truth, weed out all the bad eggs. Bring something to the site. Sources, and there sources. Lets all together solve this mystery. Meisha B... 

Comment by JJH on February 19, 2016 at 10:48am

I understand your point Peace;

We have had to accept that not all material is worth pursuing. This decision comes from YEARS of UFO research on a personal level for me & I've managed UNC for 8 years. I usually question the source of information ...when a lot of "Un-sourced" information is available ...it raises a Red Flag ...for the simple reason that UFO & Alien sightings are usually shrouded in confusion & LACK of information. My question is; "Who knew this family were Aliens? ...HOW did they know did information? ...How did they know about a camp in America"? Add that to a video that defies all the logical normal reactions of a child who has just witnessed a UFO & the abduction of BOTH his parents & then is PURSUED in the dark forest ...but does not drop his camera & run for his life is simply 100% UNBELIEVABLE in my opinion. Dang ...he even keeps the camera aimed & focused! Peace ...ask yourself this one question; If this same situation happened to you ...would you actually think about the camera in your hand or would be running for your life like all the rest of us? These are the things we must consider when we look at all evidence ...it has to have some basis in common sense & credibility. 

Nor am I ...or UNC  ...the "authoritative deciding body" on any of the material we deal with. This is my opinion based on over 30 years of UFO interest with the final 15 years being dedicated to serious research. But NONE of us yet have a definitive answer. 

Thanks again Peace ...for continuing the pursuit for an answer & for being an active member of our group. ...JJH/UNC

Comment by peace&equity199 on February 19, 2016 at 7:19am

Ah okay but the searches i did on this video mostly put this video in the legitimacy field of being a real thing a couple sources state that this family is  themselves aliens that were supposed to go back to a camp in america and leave earth but for some reason headed south i am not sure if it is true though many sources say that this is the real deal and i tend to think that it could be valid to say the least because of the conversations on the video theres no actual talk about the holiday the kids sees a ufo and he does talk about it something does seem as if this has been made up i tend to think it could be something here for me i think i see no mistake in this video being genuine as an abduction.

Comment by JJH on February 18, 2016 at 6:19am

Hi Peace;

Excuse me if I shorten your UNC name ...I'm just not typing all that ...lol!

What do I think? I was busy & did not watch it when I approved it. 100% my fault for NOT screening it ...had I done so ...it would not have been on UNC. I think it is 100% fabrication. AND ...an almost direct carbon copy of the New York Upper State family who recorded a birthday party ...everyone went missing except the video! If I had to grade it on authenticity ...I'd give it 0%. I was going to shut it off at the point where a kid films a UFO ...& rather spectacular UFO at that ...& simply says "Woa" & NEVER mentions it again ...period! I know human nature ...& this is extremely unusual. But I persevered ...all the while watch a kid film the mundane arguing over a family holiday ...but ...the kid liked his new camera perhaps? I then watched a wife drive off & leave her husband in the forest. WHO in HELL would do THAT! Why I didn't shut it off then is because ...well ...I sat for 6 minutes ...what harm can 4 more do? Then the grand finally ...the kid watches his mother be abducted ...the daughter drives the car ...crashes ...they then run for their lives. But fear did not over-ride his ability to film the entire thing. Peace ...if a child just watched his mother get abducted ...do you think he would continue to film & actually be able to keep the camera aimed & focused. NO! He would instantly shit his pants ...the camera would dropped before his shorts were full & he would have ran like a deer ...or hide in fear while experiencing an emotional break down! But not this kid ...he continued to roll film. I think this is 100% ...no ...it is 110% fabrication & a dang poor one. 100% UNBELIEVABLE. In my opinion ...this is the material UNC usually screens out ...because we want this site to be taken seriously. This article is "Turd Face on the Moon" material! That is my nick name for "Third-Phase-of-the-Moon" the Blake Cousins production of obvious staged fabrications.

Understand that my opinion is levied at those who produced this sham ...not you who posted it Peace. And thank you Peace ...for making an effort & posting material & PLEASE continue to do so ...but I think you will agree with me that much of it out there is not authentic.

I'll leave it up on UNC to garner other opinions. But my opinion is ...100% bull & not material worthy of UNC. JJH/UNC

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