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Hello fellow forum folks,

     Is everyone that visits here having "Blasa" days? No one has seen anything or heard about it on the TV? I listen to coast to coast AM, sometimes they got some real "Quacks" (or so I think) but this seemmed to be a more rational cultured group, people that get facts, or gather information and put it out here for the rest of us to peruse. I am mostly interested in things that happen in our skys, as I believe that is the most likely place we will witness something. Hope to hear from some of you soon!!

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Comment by Robert Newton on March 23, 2017 at 9:17am

Hi,Randall Kent,Some interesting point's you make here!This was shared to my facebook blog recently!About a 1,500 year old bible found in 2010 in Turkey!View on,https://youtu.be/ZTQ5DcSRXfA  ,and I hope you find interesting!Robert Newton.Britain.

Comment by Randall Kent on April 30, 2016 at 9:04am

I whole heartedly agree,  I have always thought that one day there is going to be an introduction to this planet,  "Hello I am your galactic neighbor" sort of thing,that will take "US" speculators out of the loony bin, if and when they do appear. But you have to think this; first would they be accepted worldwide or would the different nations of the world start fighting over who owns the rights to their technology? We cant establish a peace within our own atmosphere. Look at the warring factions in the middle east. They establish that they are superior to other people by the deity they worship, kill people who dont believe as they do. They think because that you have no penis (This includes everyones mother) that somehow you are a lesser being than the ones with a  penis. Insofar as I know there has been no credible facts with hard evidence that there is a deity of any sort. Yet our race will start a war over something they have never seen, and, think someone who speculates that perhaps we may just be products of another civilization ludicrous, using the rationalization that the method in which we are to pay homage to something so omnipotent as a creator that was capable of making all this that we know "appear" in the course of the time frame of roughly a week or so, need to be praised for the accomplishment in daily,hourly,and lifetime rituals. That in itself seems to lend itself to a special kind of nonsense. But I would be chastised as an atheist, and an idiot for making such a sacrilegious statement in my circle of neighbors (I live in the bible belt) There may be only "One" creator but if there is only one then the theory of evolution is entirely possible because from where did that one come from? I appreciate your response and I invite you back to correspond with me further, I feel as if we are evolving past the "flat world stage" and moving on to more rational thinking and I hope to hear from you and many others in the future.  

Comment by DMA on April 30, 2016 at 4:30am
Hey Randall...glad you brought this up...I have been here for years...but miss the stimulating conversations we had a few years back...so I sit and wait...because one day it will be too late to speculate whilst something happens...we need to work out our purpose here, with good sound reasoning...in saying that, if everyone is silent...then it can only fall on deaf ears.
We can only do that that by teasing out the detail first before coming to a conclusion

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