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ALIEN OBJECTS Tracked By Classified Space Plane? 4/22/17

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Comment by JJH on May 20, 2017 at 5:15am

Agreed ...I'm thinking that ...of course ...an Alien society would be capable of protecting itself ....BUT ...they do not look for wars with other planets. I mean ...that is a dangerouse thing is it not? ...this social delema is not exactly rocket science ...when a society is "Hell bent for leather" to destroy each other ...sooner or later ...they WILL succeed. In my opinion ...that is not a successful recipe for long term social developement. We may come to an end at our hands. If ...IF ...we on this planet are an "experiment" in colonizing other worlds by the Aliens ...I'd say we failed misserably & only developed division (in the name of religion) & hostilities (war). What then? If that is the case ...we went so far off point ...we might expect another flood ....a planetary cleansing & a restart. These colonizing events may take tens of thousands of years "in our time" & seem like a Hell of a long time & wasted effort ...to consider starting over. But what is time to them? Does it even exist in their world/dimension ...or have they discovered a way to manipulate time? As usual ...these questions inspire ...yet more questions. ...peace to all.
Comment by DMA 12 hours ago

Comment by DMA on May 19, 2017 at 4:27pm

Good Point Jim...how can we go yo another planet, and have the bare faced cheek to say "We come in peace" meanwhile back on the mother planet we are bombing the shit out of our species or allowing them to starve to death.
If Aliens think logically, they will never comprehend that we can be peaceful because our track record over the last 2,000 years demonstrates we are constantly at war despite the advances we have made to come out of the dark ages. Until we sort ourselves out, my pick is that ET will stay in the shadows.

Comment by JJH on May 19, 2017 at 6:12am

Hi Denis ...I assume that our governments MUST have a protocol ...However; I'm certain it would be useless. As a global society ...we have not learned to get along with our nieghbours ...& in the case of our neighbours bombing us to death ...we perhaps should NOT get along. But that perpetuates a state of "a war like society" ...which is EXACTLY what we are. We have failed at peace & have failed at war also ...because nothing has been resolved ...we still exist in a state of "cold war". Get it done ...eliminate those who attack you. THAT must have occurred on Alien planets too ...assuming they too fought over resourses & ethical reasons ...but perhaps they did NOT. Either way ...any observation from an Alien "peaceful society" would be frownd upon & so would our constant state of "war" without a conclusion be frowned upon by those that are not peaceful. I mean ....we be like a bunch of kids that will not get along ...nor will we do what is necessary to conclude the issues ...even if it means WAR ...it is a means to a peaceful end. We are dang failures in the eyes of an Alien society that got here by being decisive & successful. We humans are stuck in the middle ...some want peace while others want war & yet we conclude NOTHING & this perpetuates this environment. What peaceful Alien would want to be part of it? And the violent Aliens will not hesitate to conclude any issues on earth for themselves ...& that would spell the end to our society. I'm leaning toward the assumption that Aliens ARE peaceful ...or WE would NOT exist ....so the conclusion to this can only be resolved by US on earth. OR we may never make contact ...we are ASSHOLES!

Comment by DMA on May 19, 2017 at 5:18am


I reckon the craft is there for spying reasons...it amazes me that planet Earth does not seem to have a rapid response protocol if ET suddenly turns up. Personally, I believe we do, but fear it will be too little too late when the time comes. I also think that gadgets appearing are forty year old technology drip fed to keep us amused.

Comment by DMA on May 19, 2017 at 5:08am


Just looking at the mini space shuttle...if that craft could reach another planet and observed them killing each other...what do you think we would think?



Comment by JJH on May 3, 2017 at 5:40am

I'm not sure if this has ANYTHING to do with UFO's except that it will eventually be mistaken for one ...lol. This video begs the question of why it is there ...although there are a 1,000 good reasons.

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