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Comment by JJH on March 20, 2012 at 1:08am


With all due respect …I think your imagination has tricked you. You showed UNC the formula you used to extrapolate this distance traveled including the speed & time duration. But your basic starting point is 100% speculation.  First NO ONE knows the size of this object or even where it is in relation to the sun …or relation to the camera for that matter. Your starting point …the very foundation for this formula …does NOT exist. WHY? Because the information does not exist in this video …the size & distance of this object is totally unknown. The extrapolation point or information for this formula simply does not exist. Nor can it be found in this vague video. For all we know …this could be a golf ball sized ball of energy or space junk floating a few feet in front of the camera ...or ANY distance for that matter. THAT is the information one needs before ANY formula can be applied. This calculation fails at the very beginning due to this. So it is 100% speculation.

I looked …& I looked very closely at each of your time point references …& I see NONE of what you see. For example …show me this 180 degree turn please? I don’t see a ship …I see an unknown blob floating across the cameras field of view …it is the same color as the CME …which is a bust of energy …perhaps this too is simply a ball of energy. The CME has NO effect on it as there was no reaction from it …so I assume it is not anywhere near the force of the CME.  Your statement …”For over an hour the ship emits an energy burst, like a miniature CME.” …I see only the CME from the SUN passing the orange blob. It originated from the sun …that is evident in the non-magnified portion.  Heat-shield??? Please show me a heat shield? First …please show me evidence that this is a ship or craft …when I’m convinced of that …only then will I consider a heat-shield.

Fact is Reg …there is a blob of orange light crossing in front of this camera. That is really where this ends due to no more information. To say it is a craft …to say the speed is known …is wrong! …period. But you went the extra step of saying it possessed a heat shield & was collecting the suns energy …to go on to say something was shot at the sun to release neutrons is really going out on a limb. But then you added this ….” During the ships 5 day transit across the Sun the 'Halo' heat sink is in constant use.” This statement is so totally misleading the public that I must make the disclaimer that this NOT supported by myself or the UNC club in general …but is simply the opinion of one member! …who in my opinion is 100% wrong! Reg …when you make claims like this & offer formulas to back them up & …I will certainly challenge you to PROVE it! Your error was failing to state that this is just your opinion …but you instead have passed it off here on UNC as FACT! Facts can be proven …& this is what I ask you to do then …back this formula up …I’m not asking you to prove it as that is impossible. Just back up your claims …as they are extremely misleading to the public.

UNC does not earn respect by making such a statement …then failing to state that is only your opinion …by doing so …this is being passed off as fact ...& in my opinion …it is simply ridiculous. Let’s get back to reality …we do see something strange & interesting …but NO ONE has a clue what ta hell it is. Wouldn’t that be more accurate than telling the public it is a ship with heat shields & a neutron collector?  Or shall you next tell us what the pressure reading is in that external tank just behind the heat shield. …JJH/UNC

Comment by PAUL 2012 on March 19, 2012 at 11:26pm

Hey Bros! Thank You for the comments & especially you Reginald for your comment.

Comment by JJH on March 18, 2012 at 11:39pm

I must say ...I do not have a clue what this is. I will guess what it could be. It could be a cloud of gas or charged particles ...it is the same color as the CME. I agree with Kevin that it may be behind or even in front of the sun. I say this because the CME does not seem to effect it ...I cannot guess at the actual size of the object because the distance is unknown. Yes ...it does change shape ...but this could be natural if it were a gas cloud or even charged particles. It does not seem intelligently controlled at all ...it just moves across the screen. 

The narration is simply ridiculous ...does this fella think the sun is a living entity that can see & shoot an CME at an object? ....that was a little lame to say the least.

I think the three things that appear to be tubular are glitches. ...perhaps a form of lens flare? or even reflections. That is just a guess. They are huge if they are objects ...so where are they in other photos taken at this time ...was this the only camera in the entirety of thousands of observation telescopes? This solar flare was well advertised ...one would think many telescopes would be focused on the sun during this time ...but this is the only place it appears. I could not find it on other photos of the CME activity ...but in honesty did not do a thorough cross reference & could not always have the same time frame displayed. But I'm willing to bet it will not appear anywhere else ...so I think it is endemic to this stereo optic camera. 

Reg & I discussed how the title of a video can be misleading ...but I still will not allow them to be changed to suit our beliefs ...as that is manipulating the evidence. But in this case ...the title is ridiculous ...there is nothing ...absolutely NOTHING to imply this is another planet ...as I've said in the past ...I do not believe Nibiru exists ...we can find & identify planets in other Galaxy's & can't find one in our own solar system? ...think about that if you will?

As far as the CME discharging in that same direction ...that is likely a simple coincidence ...but if this is a charged cloud or particles it may attract the CME to itself ...but not the other way around. I will not entertain the idea of the suns ability to direct or even control the CMEs. The only thing that is not totally random when it comes to sun flare storms is the 11 year cycle.

...in my opinion ...of course. ...JJH 

Comment by kevin on March 14, 2012 at 7:04pm

I still am not convinced yet watched this time and time again. The so called beam its at the highest point of the glare and this is projected through someones photos on unc so i will rule out the beam of light sort of speak. I still think its quiet a bit of distance behind the sun and think its more glare than anything else of something. is it a ship well thats the question. (personally i think no i think it could be soemthing from one of the space flights myself. biut i could be wrong.

I am not saying its from  soem nub that likes to cgi things . all i am saying is that I think there is more of a plausable explantation that here there are sort of speak

Comment by DMA on March 14, 2012 at 1:28am

Hi Reg

I agree with you on this one as this is exceptional evidence that something intellegent is controlling the craft. No man made space debris could withstand the forces of the sun...so we must conlude that this evidence is a keeper and subject to more indepth anyalsis.



Comment by kevin on March 13, 2012 at 3:43pm

That object is behind  and the glare is giving a false impression of changing structure. I think its space debris  large but reflecting light off it.


Thats just my opinion i will be wrong but its not convincing me

Comment by PAUL 2012 on March 13, 2012 at 1:00am

AWSOME! Tim, I am just guessing,Maybe the ufo's are tring to relieve the suns energy, so it doesn't release massave energy in 2012/2013 in order to save our planet.Word is these u.f.o.'s are to be our guardians of planet earth.

Comment by PAUL 2012 on March 13, 2012 at 12:44am

AWSOME! Reginald, I am just guessing,Maybe the ufo's are tring to relieve the suns energy, so it doesn't release massave energy in 2012/2013 in order to save our planet.Word is these u.f.o.'s are to be our guardians of planet earth.

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